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The Top Fitness Tech Trends for 2020

With continuing advancements in technology, a lot of our routine activities have been made easier.

2 days

The Painter, Abish Mathew, and Power of Dreams

He loved painting, but missed colors in his life.

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Temporary Structure Solution for Allowing Social Distancing in UK Schools

According to the UK government, schools will resume classes before the end of summer.

3 days

Movies as Political Hit Pieces

One can't help but notice, over the years, the spate of movies depicting certain presidents or vice presidents as moronic, depraved, or less than fit for office.

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The Debate About School/College Reopenings: Words of Caution

So, there have been a plethora of articles about reopening of schools and colleges.

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Life in the Lockdown - Stress, Boredom or Fun

There is a scene in the movie Forrest Gump where Tom Hanks says: