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10 days

The Best Leaders Inspire Team Commitment—You Must Do The Same

Being stuck at work you’re not committed to and constantly looking for validation—if this is the story of your life or the team you closely work with, you’ve got to make some serious changes. Not just for the sake of being noticed, but because your organization’s future depends on it. Here at ProofHub, I and my team have been committed to delivering a better work-related experience to teams. We’ve been committed to helping professionals like us get the most out of their efforts and be thrice as productive as they were yesterday—together. 

13 days

The Washington Post Magazine's Lead Toy Story: It's Missing a Key Point

In today's Washington Post Magazine, the above article is featured. In sum, it is a piece about how Playmobil is creating a set of its "people" and "things" for the workplace. And, while the workplace set of this popular children's toy (I have them in boxes in a storage unit and had been wondering what to do with them; now I know) is gaining attention, the Playmobil folks are not being directive in terms of how it is used by employers. This stands in contrast to how Lego promotes its adult version for the workplace where Lego has distinct articulated uses for their product.

13 days

Using Children’s Favorite Book Covers to Make Puzzles: Yes Indeed

I recently read a post in about the value of puzzles for children who are struggling, including with trauma. Puzzles are amazing: they can be a shared activity (with or without conversation), they can enable concentration (remember looking for that double flat edged corner?), they produce a deliverable — an image, they develop fine motor skills, they enhance visual acuity, and they enable a sense of accomplishment with each linking piece found. And one can select puzzles with images that have meaning — places visited, favorite animals, fantasy scenes with dragons or unicorns.

22 days

Both the Year and the Decade are Changing

2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020: Yes, a New Year is coming and a new decade. For many, this is a time of celebration — witnessing the passage of time with loved ones and/or friends or on one’s own. And, in what amounts to a nano-second, we move from 2019 into 2020. A ball even falls in celebration (shouldn’t it rise?).

25 days

If Time Is Money, Here is How You Become A Time Billionaire

The term billionaire refers to a person who has money and property that is worth at least a billion pounds or dollars. But, for me, the definition means more. When I hear the word “billionaire”, I think of people who aren’t just financially wealthy.

1 month

Richard Jewell: America’s Dreyfus

Ron Galimore is one of my great friends—he also happens to be the son of the former Chicago Bears great running back Willie Galimore who tragically died in a car accident when Ron was a child. Ron went on to follow in his athletically gifted father’s cleats to become the first African American Olympic gymnast as a member of the 1980 Olympic team . . . games which we unfortunately boycotted. Trust me when I tell you he would have won the gold in vault. He and his wife, Loree, along with my wife and our now grown sons spent this Thanksgiving together. We binged on turkey and gravy and more than a few assorted seasonal pies, sat on the couch sipping bourbon, and watching the Bears versus Lions while Ron entertained us with stories of his past interactions with his dad’s old teammates and admirers—like the time he met Mike Ditka at his steakhouse and was embraced in a huge bear hug as Ditka spoke of his fond memories of Ron's father and mother, or the time they closed down Studebaker’s in Schaumburg with Walter Peyton, or the time his mom and dad went to a baseball game with “Cassius Clay,” as the autograph on the back of the Polaroid said.