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4 minutes

Fewer Interruptions, Greater Wellness

In computer science, an interruption is a signal to a computing device that halts the execution of a program in progress so that some other action can proceed.

2 days

Are We Ready for Another Pandemic?

People say the safest time to visit a theme park is in the days after an accident.

2 days

Interview with Luigi Zingales: Social Media and Antitrust

Allison Schrager has a conversation with Luigi Zingales on the subject “Break Up Big Tech? A conversation about the future of the industry” (City Journal website, September 21, 2021).

3 days

What Effective Leaders Do and Don’t Care About

Ask a group full of professionals what they want out of a manager, and chances are you'll hear "someone that cares about me" at least half of the time.

3 days

HRM in the Middle East: Challenges & Future Outlook

Business success is built on many elements. Human Resource Management (HRM) is among the most important departments of an organization. 

3 days

Are Governments Ready For Artificial Intelligence? Role of AI in the Public Sector Post Pandemic

Artificial intelligence (AI) can do much more than enhance government processes. If applied right, it can deliver better outcomes for citizens post pandemic.

4 days

How to Determine If Respiratory Disorders Qualify for LTD Claims?

If you are having trouble breathing and are having problems doing everyday activities, such as working, cleaning and walking, then you may need to file for long-term disability. 

6 days

Devise a Reward, Then Conquer

Much of human behavioral psychology can be explained by the simple phrase “behavior that is rewarded is repeated.”