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7 days

The Fundamental Flaw in Artificial Intelligence & Who Is Leading the AI Race? Artificial Human Intelligence vs. Real Machine Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is impacting every single aspect of our future, but it has a fundamental flaw that needs to be addressed.

9 days

How Blockchain Systems Make Clinical Trial Management Foolproof For Pharma Companies

The use of blockchain in clinical trials enables drug-makers to manage information regarding drug or vaccine development in a secure way with transparency and data integrity.

10 days

How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used In Medical Triage Centers During A Pandemic-Ridden Phase

The involvement of AI in healthcare allows triage centers to use the limited medical resources available to save as many lives as possible during a widespread public health emergency like a pandemic.

15 days

NASA Wants to Visit 8 Asteroids With Its New Spacecraft

Lucy probe is scheduled to launch on October 16th, 2021 atop a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket for a 12-year long tour of the solar system.

19 days

Covid-19 Started In May 2019: Is A Booster Dose Effective Against New Variants?

COVID-19 was spreading “virulently” in Wuhan as early as May 2019 instead of December 2019, according to an intelligence analysis of spending on PCR testing equipment.

20 days

How Big Data and Blockchain Are Disrupting Various Sectors

Combining big data and blockchain is valuable for supply chain, financial services, healthcare and insurtech organizations by providing them better data storage, integrity, accessibility and security.

23 days

Is Machine Learning Overhyped?

Machine learning is currently overhyped, but in the long term it will deliver dramatic improvements in our jobs, lives and societies.