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15 days

The Science of Why You Shouldn’t Work from Your Bed

If you can recognise yourself in any of the following questions, then you need to stop and think things through:

20 days

COVID-19 Has Put the Childhood Back in Children

Have you heard it? Have you heard the whispers or caught sight of the tilted, six-foot knowing glances of parents no longer chained to travel sports?

23 days

COVID Con Tempo: Contagion, Waves, and Cowabunga

I don’t think it is much of a stretch to say the United States has responded to the challenge of the COVID pandemic by doing nearly everything wrong. 

26 days

Future of America Under COVID-19 

Life is a full circle. What goes around comes around. Our lives also does not stay stagnant.

29 days

Life, Style, and Hard Times

I was privileged Friday morning to address the virtually assembled multitudes for the 2020 Harvard Lifestyle Medicine conference. 

1 month

Burnout: It's More Than Just Being Tired

I came very close to giving up years of education and hard work to hang my hat up as a clinical psychologist.

1 month

Of Pandemic and Pigment

There is a trait other than skin pigment that we humans do seem to share all but universally: a rather short attention span.