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25 days

Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Innovation Fatigue

Innovation fatigue can be defined broadly as a negative impression of what is characterized as innovation caused by the overuse of the term, poorly-executed initiatives, internal misalignment and innovation for the sake of innovation.

1 month

Fools, Fanatics, and You

Many years ago, a Yale medical student of mine asked my advice about becoming Surgeon General. Admittedly, I was and remain a second-rate source of guidance on that topic, never having been Surgeon General. I hasten to note that a close personal friend of mine has been, as has a different, former student of mine. But I was left to offer the best counsel I could absent any first-hand experience.

1 month

Is Sickcare Getting More Intelligent?

Business intelligence (BI) refers to the data analyzing and information presenting process enabled by information technologies.

1 month

The Case for Dietary Outrage

I was privileged to speak this past week at a Lifestyle Medicine Research Summit convened at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  Along with the edification that came of listening to scholarly colleagues on various topics, I derived comfort from the table talk between sessions with expertly-informed friends who could share my grave concerns about the state of public and planetary health and the failure of our public policies to correspond. 

2 months

Personalized Nutrition: All Tree, No Forest

I am going to go out on a limb- as in the photo- and contend that pretty much everything we’ve heard about “personalized nutrition” is just the kind of tree that makes it hard to see the forest.

2 months

Diet Science, Weaponized

I begin today with some rather blunt statements, so best to brace for it. Ready?