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8 days

Diet More Vital than Ever

My first reaction to the COVID pandemic, actually just months but seemingly lifetimes ago, was not about social determinants of health. 

10 days

Sickcare Entrepreneurship Challenges in 2020

Sickcare entrepreneurs face many hurdles trying to navigate the innovation roadmap.

11 days

How Mindfulness Can Do More Than Just Relaxation

You probably have heard about the relationship between mindfulness and relaxation but that's not all it does.

13 days

A Pandemic Mulligan

Tracking the pandemic trends- from around the U.S. and throughout the world- as best I can (no one can hope to keep up entirely with the constant deluge of data, drama, dogma, and diatribe)- I incline toward the hope that COVID may be offering us a Mulligan.

20 days

Helping Big Pharma and the Matter of Black Lives

His doctor or nurse practitioner naturally sent him on to an oncologist.

23 days

Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship and SEO

If you are an artificial intelligence (AI) entrepreneur interested in creating an innovative product or service, then you need to master some important concepts to include in your marketing collateral to improve your SEO and marketing impact.

24 days

Medical Education and Training 3.0

The COVID pandemic is forcing almost every industry and company to rethink how they do business. Higher education is no exception.