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28 days

COVID, Vaccines, and The Nature of Engineering

Assuming one becomes available to you and/or your loved ones sometime soon, should you, or shouldn’t you, roll up your sleeve for a COVID vaccine? Please indulge me in a thought experiment on our shared way to my conclusion, and recommendation.

1 month

Everything to Know About the Five States of Matter

In primary school, most students learn that matter exists in one of three states — solid, liquid or gas.

1 month

What Problems Do Hospital Executives Want You to Solve with AI?

Digital health and artificial intelligence are finding their way into sick-care. 

1 month

Healthcare: Advising is Not Doctoring

Doctors are now more interested in becoming advisors or consultants to sick-care companies.

1 month

The Art and Solace of Uncertainty

Many times over the years I’ve been asked to recommend a physician, or more generically- asked what to look for in a physician.

1 month

Mount Everest Grows by 34 Inches as China and Nepal Agree on New Height

Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain, is 34 inches (0.86m) higher than it used to be.

1 month

Understanding Computer Vision Applications in Healthcare

The use of computer vision in healthcare can give rise to numerous applications that can prove to be life-saving for patients by improving the speed and accuracy of medical diagnoses and assisting medical professionals in critical situations.