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9 days

Successful Leaders are Great Listeners: Here is How to Become One

There are many vital things leaders must do to improve the performance of their teams in 2020. One of them, without question, is psychological safety.

11 days

The 3 Part Formula Great Leaders Leverage Before Difficult Conversations

Ever tried to have a tough conversation with someone and it went terribly wrong? Or worse, you know you need to have a difficult conversation but you hold back, only to run up against the same problem three months later?

12 days

What is the Hype About Horse Racing?

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports to date and its simplicity from the outset has allowed it to keeps the intrigue of its spectators, leading to some of the most anticipated events in the sporting calendar. And not forgetting the bonus of having the opportunity to win some money, sitting back with a drink in your hand, watching your chosen horse take the lead.

13 days

How to Improve your Fitness in 2020

There’s no doubt in my mind. Getting better at fitness has been a big part of my success as a business coach. It’s about an 80:20 approach – the same that I apply to work. We’re all busy so you need a work out that gives the most reward for the least effort.    

15 days

8 Popular Home Upgrades

Whether you’re looking for ways to boost the value of your property to sell or you just want to upgrade your home for your own benefit and with Filter King and other suppliers, there are plenty of ways you can renovate without it breaking your budget. Here are eight popular upgrades you can make to your property and how much you can expect to pay.

16 days

Funeral Poverty Crisis: 5 Ways to Cut Funeral Expenses

The latest report from Royal London states the average funeral cost is now a staggering £3,785. Despite the Competition and Markets Authority launching an investigation in March 2019, this cost has still risen by 0.7% in the last 12 months.

16 days

Beyond Blackjack: Classic Games Are Finally Getting a Makeover

The longevity of traditional casino card and table games is nothing short of remarkable, especially when compared to other genres of entertainment. For instance, modern video game players might dip into Pac-Man or Tetris for some retro fun, but those types of games do not form the cornerstone of the industry in the same way as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker do for the casino industry. The popularity of those traditional casino games has remained pretty much intact from the heyday of Vegas in the 1950s right up until the modern era, even if there have been some hiccups along the way.