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5 days

Understanding the Concept of SMART Marketing Objectives

"SMART Marketing" stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound Marketing.

8 days

7 Effective Steps To Increase Your Close Rate

Do you twitch when someone mentions sales? What’s your first thought? Sleazy second-hand car dealers? Dodgy double-glazing salesmen? Stealing lollipops from small children? 

12 days

6 Simple Phrases Every Employee Needs to Hear From Their Boss

Managers are constantly communicating with their employees to transfer knowledge and information.

14 days

5 Elements of a Successful Business Website

Modern web designing is all about enhancing the user experience.

15 days

6 Ways to Build Collaborative Leadership Skills During Covid-19

Lately I have had so many speaking engagements on "Leadership Presence" that I relish the chance to change course and to update my program on "Collaborative Leadership” for a client next month.

18 days

Asda Workers Win Massive Battle in Supreme Court for Equal Pay

The Supreme Court ruled against Asda in workers' equal pay case.

19 days

Anticipatory Minds Don’t Ask About The New Normal, They Forge The Next Normal

From virtual museum tours to five-star curbside pickup of a steak and lobster dinner, some tremendously innovative ideas emerged out of the coronavirus pandemic.