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7 days

How to Build a Culture of Responsibility in your Business

Simple question. Is your office kitchen a mess? Do people wash up their plates and mugs? Or leave them in the sink for others to clear up? 

7 days

The Growing Importance of Collaborative Robots in Manufacturing Automation

In recent years, automation has become the bedrock of the manufacturing industry.

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Is Success A Big Limitation?

I once gave a commencement speech where I made a comment that took the parents and graduates completely by surprise.

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The Current Email Marketing Statistics and Trends

In this super-competitive era of marketing, email marketing has become a highly effective digital.

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Why Great Leaders Reward Behaviors Not Results

We’ve all heard the saying “the results speak for themselves,”  but do they really?

18 days

Which Trends Can You Trust?

Mention the word “trend” in a group setting and you’ll find that most will shrug it off, the reason being that the word “trend” has a negative connotation to it, causing trends to be considered untrustworthy.

19 days

Business: The 10 Most Important Features of a Strong and Powerful Culture

You know business culture is important. But you’re not entirely sure why. Or how to influence the culture in your own business.