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10 hours

Leveraging Location Intelligence in the Retail Industry

Retail businesses can provide better customer experience and improve the productivity of employees by using location intelligence. 

3 days

4 Mistakes People Make Reading Your Body Language

A few years ago, I was giving a presentation to the CEO of a financial services company, outlining a speech on “Leadership Presence” I was scheduled to deliver to his organization the next day.

5 days

17 Tweets From The True Influence Summit That Define B2B Marketing in 2021

Being a writer in B2B marketing, for me, The True Influence summit was a treat to watch.

5 days

How to Decrease CNC Manufacturing Costs

CNC machines are a wonder at producing lower-cost high-volume production runs for parts and pieces in industries across the board from automotive to energy.

7 days

Innovation and Customer Relationships: 4 Keys to Keeping Your Ratings High

Between fact-checkers and Yelpers, the Information Age is laden with a visual archive of how customers and clients perceive products, services, or even your organizational culture.

8 days

Business Intelligence: How to Use it to Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts

You may already be running marketing campaigns with small or large budgets and generating leads and sales for your brand.

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How Can Social Media and eCommerce Utilize Direct Response Marketing?

As a small business owner, you may be familiar with several different kinds of marketing techniques.

13 days

Sending the Signals of Leadership Presence

In these highlights of a recent conversation with Denver Frederick, the host of The Business of Giving, I answer questions about what leadership presence is -- and what it isn't.

14 days

5 Cost-Effective Branding Strategies for Small Businesses

Branding can make small businesses rise and soar amid tough market competition.

15 days

What is Your Expectation? Are You Falling for this Trap by Recruiters?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken many sectors up and down, left and right, and, as the result, has left many people out of jobs.