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18 days

A Battle of the Ages: Millennials and Baby Boomers

When one thinks of a battle, it is a display of physical prowess, such as a UFC fight or a boxing match.

19 days

How to Make a Website More Engaging

We all have our favorite websites, those that have grabbed a hold of us as soon as we’ve hit the landing page and impressed us with their innovative approaches.

19 days

9 Powerful Ways to Unlock Pride in your Business

Setting high standards. Believing in what you do. Feeling part of a great team. These all come down to pride. People with pride work harder. 

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Best Ways to Track Employee Training Process

Enabling your employees to grow and learn new skills is essential to business development and building an advantage over the competition.

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How to Make Your Office More Ergonomic

The average person spends at least 8 hours at the office, most probably sitting at a desk.

20 days

Brand Strategy: How Do I Name my Product or Company?

Don’t name your company or your product. Name your positioning.

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8 Concepts for a Successful Web Page Design

The success of a website will very much depend on the way it is designed.