Lindsay Pedersen Brand Strategy Expert

Lindsay is a Brand Strategist and Founder of Ironclad Brand Strategy, which builds brands using an exacting and analytic method. Her background as a P&L owner at Clorox fostered a deep appreciation for the executive charge: to create sustainable value. Ironclad advises companies from burgeoning startups to national corporations, including Zulily, IMDb, T-Mobile and Starbucks. Lindsay holds an MBA in Business from the University of California Berkeley, Haas School of Business.




What’s So Powerful about Storytelling?

Story is having a moment. It’s reached such buzzword status to the point where you’d think it was a newfangled, innovative, novel concept. But story is as old as is our species. And when companies use story to bond with their audience, they are tapping into the way that our brains are wired to connect.


Why and how should I listen to my customers?

You are asking your customers to part with their hard-earned money.


Which is More Valuable to My Brand, a Big Benefit or a Narrow Focus?

Your brand should be big enough to matter but narrow enough to own. Your business creates the most value when it solves a meaningful customer need – in other words, is big – yet does so in a way only your business can, and thus is narrow.


What is the Shelf Life of a Brand Strategy?

If a brand strategy is created well, then your brand strategy is something that should last for years, if not decades. There are three scenarios when I would change my brand strategy.


Has Amazon made Brands Irrelevant?

Quite the opposite: the democratizing nature of the web makes brands even more crucial. These days, it’s deep merit, not deep pockets, that drives business success. Old-school media outlets and brick-and-mortar stores were built on scarcity, so the advertising and shelf space went to businesses with the highest budgets. There is no such scarcity on the internet. A business does not need a large budget to be on social media or have an e-commerce platform.