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7 days

Interview with John Roemer on Inequality of Opportunity

The editors of the Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, Akshath Jitendranath and Marina Uzunova, have prepared "What Egalitarianism Requires: An Interview with John Roemer" (Winter 2020, 13: 2, pp. 127–176).

8 days

Being Able To Pivot Helped Manufacturing Survive. What Will It Take To Thrive?

In the United States, manufacturing is a huge sector. Its importance to our national and global economy is evident in how many white- and blue-collar jobs are integral in each process.

9 days

Understanding the Long-Term Problem of Low Interest Rates

Interest rates have been declining for several decades, both in the US economy and around the world.

11 days

Commodities Signal Stagflation Risk

The Bloomberg Commodity Index has bounced more than 2% in the first week of January.

15 days

Some Economics of the Middle Class

There are two things that "everyone knows" about the US middle class: it's shrinking in size and the government isn't helping.

16 days

Will Population Fall for Many Countries Around the World?

During my adult life, the main arguments about global population typically revolved around the topic of whether growth in population would overwhelm natural resources and lead to mass starvation and environmental collapse, or whether growth in population would be accompanied by technological progress in a way that would lead to a generally rising standard of living.

18 days

Why The Brexit Deal Was Positive for the UK and EU

Brexit, the process of disconnecting the United Kingdom from the European Union, has been launched.