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6 days

The US Misery Index Shows Weakness of the Recovery

United States consumer confidence has plummeted to a decade-low in November.

9 days

France Economic Outlook Post Covid

After the pension crisis and the “gilets jaunes”, the darkest hours of the pandemic and a 40-years-long-cycle of liberal economic policies starting in the 1980s, the issue of purchasing power has emerged as a central topic in the French public debate. But the very idea that purchasing power can be an indicator of progress and living standards needs to be questioned. 

11 days

The Bottleneck Story

Economies around the world are afflicted by supply chain bottlenecks.

12 days

The Shifting Center of US Population: 1790-2020

After each decennial Census, the US Census Bureau calculates the “center of population” for the United States, that is, if we averaged the geographic location of all US citizens, what would the average location be?

13 days

A Primer on NFTs

NFT stands for “non-fungible token.”

16 days

Women in Economics: Another Part of the Story

Even as other academic fields have made considerable progress to equality in the numbers of female and male professors, economics has lagged behind.

19 days

When Residential Real Estate Turned Commercial: Working from Home

Everyone knows that lots of people have ended up working from home, either part-time or full-time, since the start of the pandemic.