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6 days

Policy for the Next Pandemics

After a year of pandemic, one of the last topics I want to think seriously about is a future of pandemics.

8 days

Why Joe Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan May Fail

President Biden has announced the American Jobs Plan, which is summed up in the headlines as a $2 trillion investment program in infrastructure and green energy plan.

12 days

The Spread in Labor Costs Across the European Union

In a common market, labor costs will look fairly similar across areas.

13 days

Data and Development

The 2021 World Development Report one of the annual flagship reports of the World Bank, is focused on the theme of "Data for Better Lives" (released in March 2021).

14 days

Will the Fed Keep Interest Rates Low for the US Treasury?

Looking at the long-term budget projections from the Congressional Budget Office, which are based on current legislation, a key problem is that interest payments on past borrowing start climbing higher and higher--and as those have over-borrowed on their credit cards know all too well, once you are on that interest rate treadmill it's hard to get off.

15 days

Eurozone Crisis: Much Deeper Than Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

If we looked at the investment banking outlook reports for 2021, one of the main consensus themes was a strong conviction on a rapid and robust eurozone recovery. They were wrong.

19 days

China-US Trade: Some Patterns Since 1990

In US-based conversations about China-US trade, it sometimes seems to me that the working assumption is that China's economy is heavily dependent on trade with the United States--which in turn would give the US government strong leverage in trade disputes. How true is that assumption?