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10 days

An Update Concerning the Economics of Lighthouses

Lighthouses have been a canonical example for economists--but what that example is intended to illustrate has shifted dramatically over time. 

13 days

The Closing of the Urban Frontier

Much of the history of the United States for its first century is a story of expansion from its original foothold on the eastern seaboard across the North American continent.

16 days

Some Ways the Pandemic Could Alter the Shape of the US Economy

It's clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a recession.

17 days

The Case for Income-Share Repayment of Student Loans

Student loans for higher education strike me as both sensible and crazy.

21 days

Interview with Melissa Dell: Persistence Across History

Tyler Cowen inteviews Melissa Dell, the most recent winner of the Clark medal. Both audio and a transcript of the one-hour conversation are available. From the overview: 

21 days

The World Is Drowning In Debt

According to the IMF, global fiscal support in response to the crisis will be more than 9 trillion US dollars, approximately 12% of world GDP.

22 days

The Slow And Painful Path To Jobs Recovery

The United States recovered 4.8 million jobs in June, adding to May’s 2.5 million jobs rebound.