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5 days

Will China Be Caught in the Middle-Income Trap?

The "middle-income trap" is the phenomenon that once an economy has made the big leap from being a lower-income country to being a middle-income country, then it may find it difficult (although not impossible) to make the next leap from being middle-income to high-income. 

9 days

The Google Antitrust Case and Echoes of Microsoft

The US Department  of Justice has filed an antitrust case against Google.

10 days

Will Vote-by-Mail Affect the Election Outcome?

For the 2020 election, the United States will rely more heavily on vote-by-mail than ever before. Is it likely to affect the outcome?

11 days

The Ada Lovelace Controversies

Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) is generally credited with being the first computer programmer: specifically, after Charles Babbage wrote down the plans for his Analytical Engine (which Britannica calls "a general-purpose, fully program-controlled, automatic mechanical digital computer"), Lovelace wrote down a set of instructions that would allow the machine to calculate the "numbers of Bernoulli" (for discussion, see here and here). Suw Charman-Anders gives an overview of the episode and some surrounding historical controversy in "Ada Lovelace: A Simple Solution to a Lengthy Controversy" (Patterns, October, 9, 2020, volume 1, issue 7). 

12 days

Interview with Gary Hoover: Economics and Discrimination

The Southwest Economy publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has published "A Conversation with Gary Hoover" (Third Quarter 2020, pp. 7-9).

15 days

Will Services Trade Lead the Future for US Exports?

At least for a time, one legacy of the pandemic is likely to be a decrease in physical connections around the world economy, from tourism and business travel to shipping objects.

17 days