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10 days

China's Population: The Coming Decline

Pity China's statisticians, who seem caught in the middle between the facts of arithmetic and the demands of government.

11 days

Investors Do Not See “Transitory” Inflation

The Federal Reserve and European Central Bank repeat that the recent inflationary spike is “transitory”.

16 days

Electrification of Everything: The Transmission Lines Challenge

Reducing carbon emissions will require a number of different intertwined steps, and one of them is commonly being referred to as "electrification of everything."

19 days

Three Reasons Why The Biden Tax Increase Makes No Sense

Anyone who believes the “rich” and large corporations will pay for $28 trillion in debt or the $2 trillion in new deficit has a real problem with maths.

23 days

International Trade and Economic Disruption in Context

Paul Romer (Nobel '18) offered a pithy aphorism a few years ago: "Everyone wants progress. Nobody wants change."

23 days
25 days

The US Net International Investment Position, aka "Debtor Nation"

US investors of all types--individual, corporate, government--purchase debt and equity issued in other countries.