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13 days

Is Doubling the Lifespan of a Garment a Sustainability Panacea?

Doubling the lifetime of a product reduces its impact by 50%. 

15 days

How Polluting is Your Wardrobe?

Every time we wash our clothes, we are putting plastic in the ocean.

19 days

What Does Polyester Fabric Have Got To Do with PET Bottles?

Brands are marketing recycled polyester clothes with sustainability as their unique selling proposition (USP) to consumers, who think that they buy new clothes made from recycled old clothes.

21 days
23 days

How Cycling Can Contribute to a Clean Environment

People choose cycling over using a car for many reasons.

28 days

Cleantech, Remote Working and Covid-19

My maths was never the best but no I haven’t completely lost the plot!

1 month

The Biggest Challenge of the Future is the War for Talent

The latest episode of the Leaders in Cleantech podcast featured Toon Bouten. CEO of Tado, an energy efficiency business changing the way we heat and cool and use energy at home and at work.