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Why Big Data is the Future of Sustainable Fishing?

Big data can promote sustainable fishing practices via accurate data collection, analysis of endangered species and the detection of polluted areas in the ocean.

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Smart Water: An Effectual Solution For Flooding And Leakage Prevention

IoT-based flood detection tools can come in handy to mitigate the harsh effects of flooding in smart cities to save vulnerable lives and property.

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What the Future of Renewable Energies Means for Workers?

The push for sustainable, renewable energy sources across all types of industries will have a big impact on the workforce.

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A List Of Useful Waste and Recycling Conveying Solutions

The world is going green, with Australia being no exception.

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Why IoT Will Dominate The Future Of Energy Generation

Energy generation in the current age needs to be managed while keeping the environment in mind.

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Thomas Neyhart Speaks on Solar Energy You Can Afford

For a long time, solar energy seemed like a renewable energy source for 1 % of the population.