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2 months

How IoT and AI are Protecting Wildlife From Poachers

Wildlife is on the verge of extinction; ‘poaching’ is one of the reasons for this.

4 months

Is The Internet of Things Making Way For Smart Agriculture?

The internet of things has revolutionized every industry sector and agriculture is no exception.

4 months

Clean Energy and Pro-Mining

One approach to the goal of reducing carbon emissions is sometimes called "electrification of everything," a phrase which is a shorthand for an agenda of using electricity from carbon-free sources--including solar and wind--to replace fossil fuels.

4 months

Nitrous Oxide, Agriculture, and Climate Change

For most of us, nitrous oxide calls up memories of the local anaesthetic used by many dentists.

4 months

Shared Mobility: A Responsible Innovation out of Necessity

Responsible innovation is disrupting the innovation process across several organisations.

5 months

Environmental Marketing: The Troubling Trend of Greenwashing in Companies Today

Today’s consumers are interested in more than just great products at fantastic prices.

5 months

Climate Change: Is Tree Planting Greenwashing?

Tree planting has managed to capture global attention, but there are concerns that policy makers are not equally focused on other urgent climate change priorities.