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13 days

Dhaka Muslin: The Lost Ancient Fabric Back From the Dead

When we talk nowadays about fabrics then it is mostly in combination of sustainability and cost.

22 days

Carbon Capture and Storage: The Negative Carbon Option?

There used to be one coal-fired electricity generating plant in the US using carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, the Petra Nova plant outside of Houston, Texas.

1 month

Artificial Intelligence & Fashion: Robots Are Coming In the Next Virtual Runway Shows

Fashion has always been an innovation hub — from the birth of the sewing machine to the rise of digital catwalks.  

1 month

Sustainable Fashion: How Sustainable is Recycled Polyester?

Polyester dominates textile production, it accounts for over half of the volume and is projected to nearly double by 2030.

1 month

The Coming Evolution Electric Power in the US

Even readers who are only experiencing the Texas electricity disruptions from afar may wish to consider a new report from an expert panel at the National Academy of Sciences, The Future of Electric Power in the United States (2021, prepublication copy downloadable for free).

2 months

Why Businesses Require An Energy Strategy

By adopting an energy strategy, companies can improve resilience, reduce risk and create value.

2 months

Sustainable Fashion: Can a T-Shirt Release Oxygen?

Bill Gates depicts in his latest book "How To Avoid A Climate disaster“ that the world is adding 51 billion tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) to the atmosphere every year.