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21 days

Sustainable Fashion: The Biggest Obstacle in Creating a Circular Textile Economy is Scalability

The biggest obstacle in creating a circular textile economy is the unavailability of scaled recycling technologies.

26 days

Use Cases of the Internet of Things in the Sustainability Sector

Implementing the internet of things (IoT) in the sustainability sector offers numerous benefits ranging from preserving finite resources to smart mobility.

27 days

The Faith of Climate Change & The Paris Agreement Hangs on the 2020 US Election

After a three-year delay, the United States has become the first country to officially withdraw from the Paris agreement.

1 month

Does An Ethical Consumer Exist or Is It a Myth?

Ethical consumers are individuals who believe that we are slowly and inexorably driving businesses and society to be more responsible one purchase at a time.

1 month

Toxic Chemicals are Threatening Advances in Circularity

As the fashion industry pushes towards implementing sustainable material solutions, scalable recycling and circular design, there is one rarely addressed limiting factor that threatens its progress - the continued use of toxic chemicals.

2 months

Sustainability Matter, But Not at a Premium

Consumers say they are becoming more concerned about the impact fashion has on the planet.

2 months

What Is Silk's Environmental Impact?

Silk’s environmental rating is currently discussed since its Higg review has changed last year.