Susanna Koelblin Retail Expert

Susanna is Business Development Manager Textiles at Eastman Chemical Company. From blockchain to recycled swimwear, she talks about emerging technologies and sustainability issues in the fashion industry.


Why Consumers Don’t Buy More Sustainable Fashion?

Consumers say they are becoming more concerned about the impact fashion brands have on the planet. However, there is a huge gap between what consumers are saying and how they behave. Consumers say they want sustainable products, but they are buying mostly not so green products. If sustainability is so in, why aren’t more people buying ethically made clothes?


Recycled Swimwear

As ethical and sustainable fashion movements gain steam, startups and even legacy brands like Speedo are producing swimwear made from recycled materials. The fashion industry has been criticized for how it produces clothing quickly and cheaply. The swimwear category is no different.


Robots Takeover the Apparel Production

First large scale shoe robot factory unveiled: Adidas is using machines in Germany instead of humans in Asia to make shoes. Adidas, the German maker of sportswear, started marketing its first series of shoes manufactured by robots in Germany since 2017. More than 20 years after Adidas ceased production activities in Germany and moved them to Asia, Adidas unveiled the group’s new prototype “Speedfactory” in Germany. As of 2017, the factory has already begun large-scale production. What's more, Adidas also opened a second Speedfactory in the U.S. last year, followed by more in Western Europe. According to the company, the German and American plants will in the "mid-term" each scale up to producing half a million pair of shoes per year.