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6 months

How Should We Be Reacting to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

No one will know for sure the best responses to the COVID-19 pandemic until after it's all over, and we look back and second guess ourselves.

7 months

Coronavirus Mortality: What's the Denominator?

How lethal is the coronavirus, compared to, say, the flu?

7 months

Coronavirus: Important Lessons to Consider

The Coronavirus is creating havoc around the world and many are wondering whether and what kinds of lasting effects it will have on how we work, live, play and spend once it runs its course.

7 months

How to Become a Doctorpreneur & Speaker

Conventional wisdom has it that “doctors are lousy businesspeople,” and they should just take care of patients and leave the business stuff to someone else.

7 months

Are Your Food Choices Good or Evil?

Well, there is a credible tip about avoiding serpents bearing apples. But otherwise, almost certainly not. Stick with me, and we’ll get back there in a minute.

7 months

Will Covid-19 Drive Global Digital Health?

Today you probably have checked your stock portfolio and didn't like what you saw. That is, unless you own ZOOM.