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7 months

Everything to Know About the Five States of Matter

In primary school, most students learn that matter exists in one of three states — solid, liquid or gas.

7 months

Which Gig Should You Accept, Doctor?

Problem statement: Dr Jones presently is the CMO of a startup with a generous compensation package. However, his CEO has asked him to send a revised job description.

7 months

From Innovation to Market: Do You Have a Healthcare Plan?

Pundits and prognosticators are practically giddy about the global post-pandemic healthcare innovation opportunities. 

7 months

What Problems Do Hospital Executives Want You to Solve with AI?

Digital health and artificial intelligence are finding their way into sick-care. 

7 months

Healthcare Entrepreneurship: How to Pick Your Entrepreneurial Spot

Based on the engagement, excitement and interest from registrants and faculty at a recent medical professional innovator conference, participating as a biomedical or clinical entrepreneur is getting traction.

7 months

Healthcare: Advising is Not Doctoring

Doctors are now more interested in becoming advisors or consultants to sick-care companies.

8 months

The Art and Solace of Uncertainty

Many times over the years I’ve been asked to recommend a physician, or more generically- asked what to look for in a physician.