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4 months

Gaps in the Tale of COVID’s Long Tail

Our collective, pandemic focus continues to vacillate with the news of the day, but if it has settled anywhere, it has settled of late on the toll of so-called “long COVID,” now known medically as PASC: Post Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2. 

5 months

4 Health Benefits Of Medicinal Herbs

Is modern medicine not working for you anymore? 

5 months

Be Nice to Each Other, Because Tomorrow is Not a Promise

Yes, I love technology, I actually live technology. In my work, in my life, in my mind.

5 months

DeMystifying COVID Mortality: The Weight of Evidence

On March 8, David Leonhardt wrote in the New York Times about the “mystery” of low COVID mortality in many low-income, resource-constrained countries in Africa and Asia. 

5 months

6 Essential Tips in Writing a Clinical Evaluation Report

If you’re working in the medical technology industry, you must be well-acquainted with the EU regulations implemented in 2017 that have changed how medical instruments get approved for selling in that market.

5 months

Important Facts That You Need To Know About Cremation

Have you lost a friend or family member in the recent past, and their wish was to be cremated?

5 months

What Makes a Diet "Good"​?

When Mark Bittman and I were working on How to Eat, we spent several full days just talking through every question either of us had ever raised, or received, about all things food.