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25 days

How Technology is Changing the Wellness Industry

Healthcare has always been a central focus of public and private sectors, employing huge percentages of the global workforce and creating trillions in GDP worldwide.

26 days

Healthcare Industry Trends Post Covid: Telemedicine, AI, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, AR & VR

Covid-19 is impacting nearly all the practices of healthcare professionals.

26 days

WiFi 6, IoT and 5G: Connecting the Workforce of the Future

While 5G and the internet of things (IoT) grab all the attention for the next phase of smart cities, WiFi 6 plays an important role in connecting the workforce of the future.

29 days

Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Chemistry Are Revolutionizing Healthcare By Creating New Varieties of Proteins

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum chemistry is helping scientists to translate proteins into music and back.

30 days

When Will Flying Cars Be Available? Outlook of The Global Flying Car Market

Flying cars will be available to the public by 2035. They will help to reduce congestion and cut vehicle emissions.

1 month

Democratizing Access to Connectivity and Digital Literacy: Enabling Every Young Person with Information, Skills, Opportunity and Choice

Education is vital – enabling upward socioeconomic mobility and the conduit to freedom from poverty.

1 month

Stunning News about Diet and Weight

Which is better for lifelong, cardiovascular health- running or swimming or hiking or biking?