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22 days

Can We Recycle Data with Artificial Intelligence?

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) may allow us to find what was once missed.

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Quantum Entanglement And Innovation In An Instant

Einstein called it spooky, but today, it's just a part of innovation.

27 days

New Hyperbaric Therapy Could Limit and Perhaps Reverse Cognitive Decline

Oxygen might be the new tool for enhancing cognitive function in the elderly.

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Sending Sound Right Into Your Brain Might Reinvent Music

Sound, as the vibration of air, may go the way of vinyl.

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Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Become Conscious?

Artificial consciousness is a matter of time. 

1 month

Why the EU Lags behind in Artificial Intelligence, Science and Technology

It is not surprising that Europe, despite having a strong industrial base and leading AI research and talent, is dragging behind the US and China.

1 month

Europe is Having a Robots Right Debate: Do Robots Deserve Human Rights?

The issue of granting intelligent machines robot rights has drawn ambivalent responses from European legislators and members of the scientific committee following an appeal to grant robots personhood.