Facebook Customer Feedback Score and its Impact on Ad Campaigns

Facebook Customer Feedback Score and its Impact on Ad Campaigns

Mihir Gadhvi 11/05/2023
 Facebook Customer Feedback Score and its Impact on Ad Campaigns

Facebook often asks its customers to provide feedback on various aspects of their shopping experience.


These scores are available as percentages out of 100 and include:

  • Product Quality: Facebook asked customers to rate the quality of the product they received.

  • Delivery: In feedback, Facebook asked Customers if they received the product or not.

  • Customer Service: Customers are asked if they are satisfied with the service they received.

  • Delivery Speed: Facebook also judges delivery speed, which can be set on the Score Dashboard.

  • Other Aspects: Facebook has not defined other aspects, but customers can provide feedback on any other aspect they deem relevant.

If you receive notifications from Facebook indicating that your ads may see reduced delivery due to negative feedback, there are several things you can do to improve your Customer Feedback Score:

  • Be clear about what you're selling or offering. Ensure that all ad creative accurately represents the product being sold, including dimensions, sizes, materials, and other aspects. For apparel, make sure size charts work for all countries you're selling to.

  • Set clear expectations for delivery. Accurately convey door-to-door delivery time, including processing times, item availability, delivery costs, and other factors that may affect delivery time. Provide tracking information if possible.

  • Set clear expectations for customer service. Honor return and exchange policies advertised on your website and be clear about how long it takes to respond to customer inquiries.

  • Make sure you can meet customer demand. Scale advertising to match your ability to deliver products. If inventory is limited, consider running fewer ads or informing customers before they purchase when products are expected to be in stock and dispatched.

If your feedback score is very low, it can negatively impact your ad campaign in several ways:

  • Decreased ad delivery: Ads with a low feedback score may be shown less frequently to your target audience, reducing your reach and visibility.

  • Increased ad costs: A low feedback score can result in higher costs per click or impression, as Facebook sees them as less valuable to users.

  • Reduced ad account health: A consistently low feedback score can negatively impact the health of your ad account and make it more difficult to run successful ad campaigns in the future.

  • Poor ad performance: Ads with a low feedback score are less likely to achieve their objectives, such as driving website traffic, generating leads, or increasing sales.

  • Ad account suspension: If your feedback score continues to remain low, Facebook may suspend or disable your ad account altogether, preventing you from running ads on the platform.

Are you struggling with a low customer feedback score on Facebook? Take action now to improve your score and ensure the success of your ad campaigns. Follow the best practices outlined by Facebook and monitor your feedback score regularly to avoid any negative impact on your ad account. Start implementing these strategies today to improve your customer feedback score and drive success on Facebook.

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