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3 months

How to Improve Your Website Through Imagery

Whether the main aim of your website is to promote your business or develop your personal brand, it is important to include images to convey your message. 

4 months

The Success of Smart Cities Relies on its Citizens

We obviously cannot get an exact picture of how our futuristic city will look like.

4 months

Laying the Foundations for a Smart Future with Intelligence Infrastructure

In order to promote a global push for smarter living and governance, government leaders shouldn’t ignore the importance of prioritizing the implementation of intelligent infrastructure, which will underpin the smart initiatives while being able to accommodate further technological augmentation in the future.

4 months

The Dark Side of Smart Cities

Smart cities have the ability to transform the lives of its citizens. However, there is a dark side to these smart cities that can go unnoticed.

4 months
4 months

What is Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development?

With more and more mobile devices appearing, developers are constantly wondering how to create products that are compatible with all available platforms.

4 months

4 Ways to Beat Zoom Fatigue

Video conferencing has never been more popular. And while this form of communication has obvious benefits, it has a dark side as well: namely, Zoom fatigue.