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2 months

5 Deep Learning Challenges To Watch Out For

Deep learning is gaining prominence in the field of artificial intelligence, streamlining processes, and bringing huge financial gains to businesses.

3 months

Revolutionising Quality Assurance with Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in quality assurance can help businesses ensure that their quality standards are not compromised by streamlining processes.

3 months

Joining the EC-Council International Advisory Board for CISOs

EC-Council is a leader in providing training, sharing knowledge, and being a resource for cybersecurity professionals. 

3 months

The Latest Technology at the Service of Australian Online Casinos

Today there are millions of fans of gambling entertainment. Equipped at the highest level and at the limit of everything that can be thought up and implemented in this area, Australian online clubs continue to develop. Qualified specialists with absolute confidence express their opinion that a virtual casino can and will continue to develop. According to them, there are no limits to perfection and while Internet technologies grow, industries related to IT niche will evolve as well.

3 months

NetEnt - The Most Popular Software Developer Among Australian Visitors of Online Casinos

If we want to relax after a hard day's work, but without wasting money and physical effort, we automatically turn on the Internet and flop into our favorite chair. The casino establishments understood this trend and began to slowly probe the ground. Literally, 14 years ago, gambling businesses were simply covered up and had to move to the Internet due to legal problems and bans of gambling around the world.

3 months

Leveraging RPA to Transform the Manufacturing Industry

Organizations are utilizing RPA for manufacturing processes to drive efficiency and reduce wastage.

3 months

Virtual Media Era – How Artificial Intelligence Attracts and Retains An Audience

The mass media industry and entertainment sectors are growing and flourishing. Artificial intelligence (AI) has completely changed their business perspective.