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7 months

Coworking Cafes – Teapot Tempest or the Next Big Thing?

Rising real estate rentals, diminishing brand loyalty among millennials and rising operating costs in metros have been brewing trouble for innumerable cafes operating across India. Unable to survive the heat, many coffee shops are compelled to shut shop within 18 months into the business.

7 months

SBI's New Home Loan Scheme a Winner

SBI's latest and highly differentiated home loan scheme is an extremely good move and positive for the residential real estate sector as a whole.

7 months

Real Estate's Expectations from Budget 2020-21 - Will Iran Crisis Play Spoilsport?

As the countdown to Union Budget 2020-21 begins, all sectors hope that the government will unleash a plethora of goodies – from tax cuts and other consumption boosters to increasing credit off-take from banks to ease liquidity. Real estate particularly hopes for the quick implementation of alternative investment funds to rescue stressed residential projects. The pressure on the Finance Minister is as high as it could possibly go, considering the state of the economy.

7 months

Coworking – Top Trends That Will Shape the Segment in 2020

2018-end, total coworking supply was between 7 - 7.5 mn sq. ft. area – and crossed 12 mn sq. ft. by 2019-end Top 7 coworking players alone have more than 350 centres across India – no. set to double or treble in next 2 years PE funds and institutional investors will continue to back bigger players in 2020 Survival a challenge for smaller players; more mergers and acquisitions likely in 2020 Current lease-based structure not flexible & cost efficient - 2020 is likely to see the rise of ownership model

7 months

India: UP, Gujarat, AP had Maximum Completed PMAY (U) Homes by 2019-end

Nearly 11.22 lakh homes are completed in these 3 states as on 2019-end, against just 3.62 lakh homes completed in 2018-end A total of 32 lakh homes completed by 2019-end across all states & UTs - these 3 states account for 35% overall share In December-end 2018, merely 12.58 lakh homes were completed across all states & UTs - nearly 19.42 lakh homes built in 2019 UP topped out with nearly 4.30 lakh PMAY (U) homes completed by 2019-end; a year ago, just 68,660 homes were completed there Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Tamil Nadu follow closely with over 8.69 lakh homes completed under PMAY (U) By 2019-end, nearly 9.33 lakh homes have already been occupied in UP, Gujarat & Andhra Pradesh

7 months

Will Indian Housing Revive in 2020?

Homeownership has always been and will continue to be a highly-cherished dream of most Indians but dreams alone do not sell homes. The question of why homes are not selling as quickly as they used to does not have a single answer - it is a matter of sentiment, and sentiment reacts to a number of factors.

8 months

India: Price Gap Between Ready and Under-Construction Homes Down to 3-7% in 2019

Avg. price difference between these two categories reduced y-o-y - from 8-12% in 2017 to 5-9% in 2018 across the top 7 cities. NCR recorded least RTM/UC price disparity in 2019 at 3%; Pune saw the highest at 7%. Avg. price of under-construction homes in NCR in 2019 was INR 4,410 per sq. ft., ready homes at INR 4,530 per sq. ft. In 2018, NCR had the maximum price difference b/w RTM & under-construction homes at 9%; slow demand & high unsold stock prevented developers from hiking RTM homes prices. In 2 yrs, NCR & MMR see the maximum reduction in RTM & UC homes price gap. Under-construction homes losing their sole USP over RTM homes.