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5 months

Will The Indian Government Light The Housing Sector's Festive Lamp?

The Indian festive season, ushered in by Ganesh Chaturthi, has begun and investment decisions are being made. For homebuyers, this period is both auspicious and opportune to buy homes because real estate developers inevitably roll out attractive incentives - either in the form of price reductions, money-saving opportunities like waived stamp duty and registration charges, or 'white goods' like furnishing and household electronics - to attract genuine buyers.

5 months

Branches Will Never Result in 100% Financial Inclusion

I was in India a few years ago speaking to the Reserve Bank and most of the primary Retail Banks about the impact of mobile and social media on the industry there. The former RBI Governor, Raghuram Rajan, had ruffled some feathers with his unconventional approach but he had his work cut out for him with a very traditional market, with very traditional views.

5 months

What Would Happen if the World Were Debt-Free?

A world without debt is as imaginary as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many of us, despite receiving some form of income regularly, can’t get by sans credit cards and loans.

5 months

FM Rides to Real Estate's Rescue

The slacking economy and the slump in various sectors including automobiles, housing and MSMEs was a grave concern – not just for industry stakeholders but also for the government. 

5 months

What Ails the Housing Market?

The 'golden years' of Indian residential real estate are well and truly over, at least in the short to mid-term. The sentiment of end-users as well as investors who previously banked heavily on residential real estate for maximum returns is seriously curtailed.

5 months

Subvention Schemes Ban - Only 8% of Total 280 Housing Projects Launched in Q2 2019 Affected

The National Housing Board's (NHB) recent directive to housing finance companies to refrain from giving loans under subvention schemes was not as crippling as was initially assumed. ANAROCK research reveals that out of the total 280 projects launched in the April-June quarter of 2019, only about 23 projects (or 8%) were marketed under subvention schemes. These 23 projects comprised of 7,620 units – about 11% of the total 69,000 units launched in the quarter.

6 months

72 Years of Independence - A Bittersweet Dawn for India's Housing Sector

As India embarks on another year of independence, the country's real estate sector has a lot to be grateful for, a lot to hope for - and still a lot to worry about.