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2 months

3 Credit Card Payment Processing Facts Every Business Owner Should Know

Most business owners find credit card payment processing confusing, overwhelming, and expensive.

2 months

Retail Investors Show "Exuberance"

The word "exuberance" has a special meaning for investors. Back in 1996, then-Federal Reserve chair Alan Greenspan gave a speech as stock prices rose during the "dot-com" boom.

2 months

Central Banks Are Running Scared of Cryptocurrencies

It’s one thing when your worst fears remain in your mind, but when they manifest in your markets, then it’s time to gear up for action.

2 months

Putting Monetary Values on Health Costs of Coronavirus

W. Kip Viscusi delivered the Presidential Address at the (virtual) Southern Economic Association meetings last November on the subject "Economic Lessons for Coronavirus Risk Policies."

2 months

Three Ways to Get a Bigger Tax Return That You Should Know About

Tax day is coming soon but don't worry, there are some ethical hacks to pay less money. 

2 months

India: Pivoting From the Pandemic to Economic Reforms

Each year, the Economic Division in India's Ministry of Finance publishes the Economic Survey of India (January 2021).

3 months

Rental Appreciation Trumps Capital Price Growth in Top Luxury Markets Since 2014

Amidst various industry reforms in the last seven years, multiple new trends emerged in the Indian residential real estate market.