Financial Resilience: Tackling Inflation with Utility Bundles

Financial Resilience: Tackling Inflation with Utility Bundles

Daniel Hall 05/04/2024
Financial Resilience: Tackling Inflation with Utility Bundles

With the cost of living crisis still an ongoing problem, inflation has been predicted to fall throughout the year in 2024.

Even so, the impact of inflation on household expenses is still being felt acutely by many, and consumers are continuing to look for ways to mitigate rising prices.

Economically, times have been particularly tough with Brexit, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine making food and energy prices soar. Other factors like demand for property outstripping supply and mortgage rates rising have also pushed up rent. Combined with the rising cost of energy, water, food and other household expenses, 

Many households are looking for new ways to save as much money as possible. Beyond well-known ways like reducing energy usage wherever possible, insulating the house and shopping around for better deals, it’s also possible to bundle utility bills to unlock discounts.

About Bundling Utility Bills

Bundling your utility bills means combining multiple services into one convenient package. Not only can this save you money by getting better rates, but it can also save you time by having everything on one account. That’s only one password to remember, one contact number, one monthly bill and only one payment date to keep track of.

As the UK’s only genuine multiservice provider, Utility Warehouse (UW) makes this process simple for their customers, enabling customers to pick and choose their utility packages according to their needs and bundle them into a single package. UW currently offers electricity, gas, broadband, mobile and insurance services.

The Financial Benefits of Bundling

UW offers savings on the cost of their services through discounted bundles, rewarding customers for loyalty. The more services taken, the more savings are unlocked.

With all your services bundled into one monthly bill, budget management becomes easier, with just one bill payment date in a month as opposed to multiple payment dates.

Not only that, but the overall cost of the services taken together could be cheaper than choosing separate providers for each one, thanks to the bundle discounts.

Plus, bundling with one provider can offer additional perks and rewards. UW in particular also offers their customers an exclusive Cashback Card – a prepayment card that, when used, knocks even more money off of the customer’s monthly UW bill.

Strategies for Maximising Savings

When bundling your utilities, you can often make the most savings by bundling as many services as possible.

Besides bundling, an immediate way to save money is to save energy. Becoming more energy efficient doesn’t have to involve a big outlay, like installing solar panels. In fact, there are many simple ways to save energy at home and reduce utility costs.

Remembering to switch off lights and appliances when not in use is a great first step. But remember to make sure you’re going one step further by turning off appliances by the mains. When still plugged, particularly when on standby mode like computers and TVs, electrical appliances still use small amounts of energy even when not being used. Developing good habits like unplugging, only boiling the water you need in the kettle, and waiting until your dishwasher and washing machine are full before running them will see your savings stack up over time.

Getting a smart meter can also help you make savings, as it enables you to track your energy usage in pounds and pence, so you can take steps to save more. UW also offers their customers free smart meter upgrades.

Achieving Long-Term Financial Stability

When fighting against the effects of inflation, it’s important to be proactive in your approach. Adding measures such as closely tracking your expenses, taking steps to reduce expenditures and exploring new ways to make savings all have an important role in the battle against the rising cost of living.

Making these measures a part of your lifestyle rather than a temporary fix can also help keep your finances stable for the long term. For example, continuing to bundle your utilities to make the most out of the discounts available can see you save even more in the long run against other big companies who tend to raise prices higher and more often mid-contract.

Being able to fix your energy tariff while bundling your energy service with other services, as well as find mid-contract price hike-free utilities, can also help you safeguard your finances for the year while you bundle. So when looking at how to deal with inflation in 2024, consider bundling your utility bills. Whatever you choose, always remember to shop around for the best deals, and don’t be afraid to switch to a better provider.

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