Tired of Using the Same Old Business Card? Try Out These Makeover Tips

Tired of Using the Same Old Business Card? Try Out These Makeover Tips

Daniel Hall 05/02/2024
Tired of Using the Same Old Business Card? Try Out These Makeover Tips

A well-designed business card can be the ultimate push for your clients and customers to believe you over others.

After all, 72% of people judge your business/skills based on it.

However, we have many ideas if your business card looks boring and can’t impress receivers. So, let’s dive right in!

1. Explore Different Dimensions

The standard business card size is 3.5in × 2in. But it’s high time you break free from the same old traditional rectangular dimensions,

To stand out from the crowd, you can try square ones, mini ones, slightly larger ones, or even other non-conventional shapes and sizes. You can also add rounded edges for a more refined look.

The distinct look grabs the receiver’s interest and ensures they remember you. It’s best for businesses that want to leave a bold statement.

2. Go for Quality Paper


If you have been using a thin business card, try to change the paper quality for the next order. A premium thick and heavy paper stock will help your card feel more solid and sturdy and add to the overall appearance.

On the other hand, thin and flimsy lightweight cards fail to create enough buzz or impression on the receiver. There’s also a high chance that thin cards will get crumpled and damp in no time if not stored appropriately.

A thicker card also helps you impact your clients and customers more than competitors using flimsy ones.

3. Switch to Digital Business Cards

Another great cost-effective option is to get rid of paper cards completely. Digital business cards are trending because you don’t have to reprint them. Thus, you save a substantial amount of money.

Networking is also easier through these cards. If there’s any change in information, you can update that online. Everyone who has already scanned your card will also receive the updated information.

Just ensure you design the card’s physical appearance well and are ready to make a statement. If you want a suggestion on a reputable card-making agency, check out Mobilo’s digital business card. They have a cool list of options to create a unique card just for you!

4. Add a Headshot

Adding a professional headshot is a cool way to make your card pop. This adds a hint of personalization and creates a sense of familiarity with the receiver.

Your headshot adds a face to your name. Thus, the other person remembers you and feels more inclined to connect with you for business than faceless cards.

Make sure you get a high-quality picture clicked by a professional photographer. Avoid using pictures clicked through phones. Otherwise, the print on the card may get pixelated. Get the shot in professional attire to make the picture more relevant and impressive.

5. Focus on the Typography

Typography influences two crucial parts of your business card – readability and visual appeal. To ensure your card performs the best in both ways, reassess the existing typography of your business card.

If you feel it doesn’t need any changes, seek suggestions from trustworthy people. Ask them whether the font size and style are easy to read. If you’re connected with someone with good taste in art, ask whether the font style suits your brand style and vibe.

Lastly, highlight your name and important contact information with a bolder font style and bigger font size. This ensures readers can easily find these matters.

6. Create a Promotional Material

Your business card doesn’t need to include business information alone. You can also add a few fun things to influence the receiver to become a customer.

For instance, on your next stack, you can add a discount coupon on their next purchase and create a scratch-off section to help them win a unique prize or discount.

It can also work as a stampable loyalty card, giving them rewards and exclusive offers for every purchase. If you have a book-selling or library business, you can also add a bookmark with your business card.

7. Make it Interactive

You can’t add everything about your business to a small card. So, add a scannable QR code on your card, which can take customers to your website.

They can look up special offers and bestsellers, check the reviews, learn more about your business, or book appointments.

You can also add augmented reality to make your brand more immersive and memorable to customers.

8. Use the Back


You don’t have to use only a single side of your card. Instead, fill in both sides of your card. This increases space to add more value to your card.

However, use this space wisely. Don’t fill it with even more details about your business or profession. Instead, get playful with that space.

You can add some quotes, cool graphics, promotional offers, your picture, or insights about your best-selling products or services.

If you want to keep it simple, leave it with just your business slogan. If you want potential clients to trust you, add previous customer testimonials.

Or, if you want to remind your customers of their next appointment, create a dedicated space at the back. Write the date, time, and location of the appointment there.

9. Invest in Multiple Designs

This works great if your business offers diverse products or services. You can either print a different design for every card. It ensures every customer gets something unique. Or you can get different designs for each category of offerings.

10. Get Different Materials

To promote your brand as eco-conscious, choose sustainable materials for your card. If you opt for paper cards, go for recycled paper.

Another choice is seeded paper. Receivers can bury the card in the soil, and it’ll grow into plants.

If you want to use other materials, there are plastic, metal, and wood. A few eco-friendly choices are bamboo or even fabric.


With these creative and original card makeover ideas, you can make an even more functional business card and build your brand identity. So, identify the best ones and contact your card maker now!

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