4 Benefits Of AI-Driven Food Recommendations For Airlines

4 Benefits Of AI-Driven Food Recommendations For Airlines

Naveen Joshi 02/11/2023
Benefits Of AI-Driven Food Recommendation For Airlines

AI-driven food recommendations enable airlines to customize menus based on customers’ preferences and dietary restrictions, resulting in personalized meals for passengers.

While AI is helping everyone everywhere, aviation too is enjoying its share of AI's benefits. There are many ways in which AI helps airlines, and one of them is food recommendations. In this article, we will discuss the use and advantages of AI for custom food recommendations in the aviation industry.


1. Personalized Customer Meals

One of the most incredible powers of AI is analysis. Everyone has a pattern, especially when it comes to food. People have preferences, which result in choices that can be easily predicted if appropriately tracked. When AI technology can predict what a recurring customer might order to eat based on their order history, an airline can choose to include food with higher odds of being a customer's preference. This way, the airline can satisfy the customer experience by providing them with the food of their choice using AI for custom food recommendations.

2. Fresh Food Based on Weather Conditions

When it comes to planes, the weather is an essential factor. On many occasions, abrupt weather changes lead to discomfort if the food served does not suit the weather conditions. To prevent this, AI can come in handy. AI can help predict weather conditions and recommend a relevant food menu. This way, even with possible flight delays, the airline can make real-time adjustments to food recommendations. This capability allows airlines to adapt their offerings based on changing circumstances and ensure a seamless dining experience for passengers.

3. Detailled Feedback Analysis 

Nothing is more annoying than experiencing the same kind of lousy service despite sharing feedback seeking betterment. By leveraging AI algorithms, airlines can analyze passenger feedback and reviews concerning inflight meals. This enables them to acquire valuable knowledge about customer preferences and identify areas that require improvement. This analysis of feedback empowers airlines to make well-informed adjustments to their menus and consistently elevate the quality of their inflight dining services.

4. Preference-Based Upselling

If a business knows what its customer will ask for, it can offer a product related to it and upsell. So how to figure out what the customer wants? The answer is AI. This technology will decode that a customer is looking for a heavy meal, and the airline has a scope to upsell a dessert. This way, an airline can magnify its revenues by offering exceptional food options that people may anticipate and would be delighted to find on the menu.

To Sum Up

When we think about it, AI can do significant things we might not have imagined. That is the power of data and technology. Regarding food in the aviation industry, where tastes alter at a height, it's essential to understand the most optimal option for everyone, especially on long flights. AI for custom food recommendations does this job without the need for human intervention.

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