Goodbye Screen, Hello Voice, Goodbye Ads!

Goodbye Screen, Hello Voice, Goodbye Ads!

Lucien Engelen 23/02/2018 10

I’m really used to it by now: voice commands to my computer, to my watch, to my car while driving and answering messages and at home. We're all getting more and more used to voice in our smartphone, in our car and even on our watch and most of all in our homes. Talking to computers is booming (business) meanwhile shifting power in the corporate world as well.

While Google dominates the ads business, Amazon controls the home with smart speakers in your living, bedroom, in your kitchen and now also in your car to help you navigate. Just ask for her (?) attention and ask for the recipe, nearest pizzeria and the cheapest store selling your ink cartridges. Apple tosses in their two cents with their Siri in the iPhone, iPad, computer, Watch, earbuds and soon their speakers of course. as well of course. Even advising you what holiday trip to book or First Aid is in the game nowadays.

This more and more is turning away from Googles search pages, even though they made them voice searchable with google now, but the results are still presented by pages, with ads, hence their main business.

I expect more and more steps from Google and others in this market also to protect their ads-business, with their own Home speakers, Google assistant (that btw rocks when you live in the US) and other products and services.

Interestingly all of this is happening while on the other hand 'screen' is getting redefined with the introduction of other forms of reality like augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

I'm curious who will win this battle: voice or 'screen'. Will we in 15 years from now still be typing our queries on a keyboard showing up on a screen? Or... will just thinking your search gives you tons of info ... on your retina.

What could possibly go wrong?

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  • Steve Larson

    In the future, we will use our retina to search for information, we won't have to type anything on Google

  • Martin Dennis

    Google will find a way to promote ads even if you use home speakers

  • Samuel Calvo

    This is such an exciting battle. I wonder who will come out on top ???

  • Kumar Mohit

    Good post, short and concise

  • Nick G

    I hate ads this is why I am using adblock

  • Elaine Margaret

    Maybe an other company will overtake both Google and Amazon

  • Khaled Badhawi

    Ads won't go away but will be displayed in a different way

  • Susan Bodell

    I prefer to type instead of using my voice to search for things

  • Larry David

    The next battlefield...... is our eyes...........

  • Jason Gastrich

    The future of advertisement looks exciting and creepy at the same time

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Lucien Engelen

Chief Health(care) Optimist

It is at the intersection of technology and patient empowerment, which is where Lucien Engelen (1962), director of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre REshape Center and advisor to the Board of Directors (since 2007) feels most at home. The two worlds combined into the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre and Singularity University in Silicon Valley & the Netherlands and in the Nordics, his modus operandi is always challenging, sometimes provocative but always techno-realistic. Writing on a new book that will be titled "Augmented Health(care)™ : The end of the beginning" (May 2018, Barcelone Spain) as he thinks we're at the end of an era of creating awareness, pilots, proof of concepts etc in the digital transformation of health(care). More on that on, his Linkedin Page has over 750.000 followers. He is Faculty Global Health(care) & Medecine since 2011 at Singularity University's Exponential Medicine in the US and in the Netherlands.

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