10 Trending Real Life Applications of the Internet of Things

10 Trending Real Life Applications of the Internet of Things

Naveen Joshi 23/12/2021
10 Trending Real Life Applications of the Internet of Things

The power of internet connectivity has now stepped beyond computers and smartphones.

Every ‘smart’ device around us is now aiming to solve real world problems with digital interventions. These are the real life applications of IoT.

Needless to mention, the buzz around IoT is immense. This disruptive technology is penetrating into various industries, developing new real-life applications of IoT and connecting every internet-enabled device around us. According to Statista, there are about 21.5 billion interconnected devices in the world. But amongst the mad rush of ‘newer’ and ‘better’ IoT applications, some shine through more than the rest. Here’s our list of the coolest ones that blew our minds!

Real Life Internet of Things Applications 

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1. Smart Toothbrush

A smart toothbrush is embedded with high-quality sensors that capture data on your brushing frequency, missed spots, the pressure applied, and so on. You can track all of this crucial information on your smartphone and gain insights on how to improve your oral health.

2. Fitness Trackers

Are you a fitness freak? Now, IoT-connected devices are here to help you stay fit. Fitness trackers help you track your daily activities such as your sleeping patterns, your heart rate, activity patterns, workout statistics, calories burned, and so on. Armed with this information, you can monitor and plan your fitness goals easily.

3. Child and Pet Finder

The feeling of losing your loved ones, be it your kid or a four-legged member of your family, is terrifying. But, with an IoT-connected device that is connected to your smartphone, you can track their location in real-time. Thus, IoT enables you to stay in peace even when you are away from your loved ones.

4. Infant Monitor

There is good news for all the new parents out there! You can monitor your baby’s daily activities on your smartphone in real-time from anywhere in the world. Infant monitors give you information on your baby’s respiration statistics, sleeping positions, sleeping duration, body temperature, and so on.

5. Smart Shelves

With sensors, cameras, and actuators embedded on shelves, retailers can get real-time updates on products, enabling them to replenish when needed. IoT also helps retailers get real-time alerts of misplaced products on their smart devices.

6. Smart Gardening

No free time to water your plants? You can try smart gardening, instead. With sensors embedded in your garden, you can get information on the condition of the soil, temperature, humidity level, and suggestions for the right time to watering plants. All of these data points can be easily controlled and managed on your smartphone.

7. Health Monitoring

Getting periodic information about the status of your kids’ or old parents’ health has become an essential requirement these days. Now, health-tracking devices help you to monitor their health in real-time. Sudden changes in temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, etc. are notified to you, thereby allowing you to take necessary actions on time.

8. Smart Refrigerator

How cool it is to peek into your fridge without opening its door! This thought is no more a fantasy now! The sensors and cameras attached to new-age smart refrigerators allow you monitor spoiled food items. Additionally, it enables you to track leftover food without opening its door.

9. Pollution Warnings

Smart air monitors detect pollutants emitted from vehicles in a particular region, affecting the environment. Such real-time updates to government agencies help them take required steps quickly.

10. Smart Shoes

Smart shoes allow users to change the color of the shoe with one tap on their smartphone! With the tap of your heels, you can also send a text message to your friends, call a cab, monitor your steps, calories burned, and so on.

Honestly, we are already enjoying applications that we never thought of, a few years back. As the concerns around robust network connectivity, security, and privacy get resolved, we will see more groundbreaking applications disrupting our lives.

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