13 Conversion Rate Hacks to Get Consumers Buying

13 Conversion Rate Hacks to Get Consumers Buying

Josh Wardini 09/02/2018 8

One of the main goals of an online business is conversions, to get the site visitors do something the company wants them to do. This is something that is easier said than done. You may have thousands of visitors on your site every single day, yet your conversions can stay way below where you want them to be.

There could be many reasons for this but don’t despair, Website Builder gives you 46 ways that you can increase your conversions. Many site building platforms like Weebly and Shopify have all the necessary tools to achieve tremendous conversion with minimal effort.

Most of the methods listed don’t require too much work and can be implemented fairly easily. Some of the most obvious methods are listed below.

#1 Live Chat

Today people are now expecting much more than they used to from customer support. Consumers like live chat because they can get a response to their queries almost instantly, unlike the phone or email support. Live chat presents you with the opportunity to help someone through the checkout process to actually make the purchase. It is also a good way to upsell other products to the consumer. Intuit.com increased conversions by 20% and their sales by 211% simply by adding live chat to their website.

#2 Call to Action Buttons

If you don’t already have at least one call to action button on your site, then you are doing something very wrong. Even if you already have one, there are improvements you can make to make it even more effective. Increasing the size, making it a stand-out color and placing it on the right are all things that you can do to make your call to action button stand out.

#3 Product Videos

We are living in a generation of video marketing. Generally, consumers like to have the option to see a video about the products they are buying or about the company they are buying from. It increases trust and is usually more likely to encourage someone to make a purchase. Vidyard increased conversions but 100% by placing a video on their homepage.

#4 Testimonials

If customers get the chance to see what other people thought of your products, it can help to build their trust in your company. Wikijob increased conversions by 34% after adding testimonials to their site.

#5 Simplified Home Page

Usually the home page will be the first page visitors will land on when they visit your site. It is therefore important that the first thing they see isn’t confusing or too busy. The Weather Channel increased their conversions by 225% by simplifying their home page. If it is obvious where people have to go in order to find the product they are looking for, they are more likely to use your site to make the purchase, rather than give up and go elsewhere.

#6 Faster Checkout

A faster checkout process increases conversions by 66%. One of the worst things for an online retailer is to see the shopping cart abandoned when the consumer is so close to the end of the purchasing process. A shorter checkout process can help to avoid this as people are less likely to give up. Similarly to this, you could allow customers to check out as guests and avoid the tedious signing up process many try to avoid.

#7 Mobile Friendly

A huge percentage of people now do their online shopping through their mobile devices, whether they are out and about, at work or at home. The increase in mobile technology and apps are making it even easier for people to do this, so you need to do your best to catch up. Walmart increased conversions by 20% after implementing a mobile-friendly design.

#8 Add a PayPal Button

Despite the increase in security measures, many people are still unsure about having to enter their card details online. This process is also time-consuming, and if someone is in a rush then she may not bother with the purchase. Adding a PayPal button provides the solution to these problems and has been shown to increase mobile conversions by 34%.

#9 High-Quality Images

Shoppers usually like to see what they are buying before they commit, so a large, high-quality product image is essential. Hyundai increased the requests for test drives by 62% after using a larger product image, and Mail.cz increased conversions by 9.46% after adding larger images to their site along with product descriptions.

#10 Add Coupons and Discounts

Everyone loves a bargain. 26% of customers prefer using online discount coupons when making a purchase, so having them readily available can be very beneficial when it comes to increasing conversions.

#11 Offer Free Shipping

Although it may be a small expense to you, offering free shipping, whether all the time or after the customer has passed a free shipping threshold, can do wonders for your business. With more and more retailers heading online, you need to offer something others may not, and free shipping can help you get the edge over your competitors.

#12 Increased Page Speed

Even a 1% delay in website speed can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. There are many tactics that can be put into play to help speed up page load time, including optimizing images, reducing the number of plugins you use and browser caching.

#13 Security Seal

One of the main reasons why consumers are reluctant to make a purchase online is because they are wary of the security threats this method may bring. As a website owner, you should do all you can to make your website more secure and show this effort to the site visitors. One way to accomplish this is to add a security seal. Cars.com recently boosted their conversion rates simply by adding a security seal.

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  • Kumar Mohit

    Very useful tips, thanks.

  • Ethan Moore

    Thanks for putting it together. it's simple yet so insightful !!!!!!!!!!

  • Zayn Grimsby

    I've always been obsessed with making the customer feel important. Going above and beyond to not just offer them a great product or service but to make sure they know that they are appreciated and cared for. That's my magic formula to keeping great customers

  • Tyson Diaz

    Focus on serving your customers first instead of making money for yourself. This is how you build a brand not your retirement fund. In the end it will pay off.

  • Adrian Heath

    I love your content so much!

  • Jarvis Brooks

    Thank you so much Josh, I learned so much

  • Natalie King

    My advice to increase your conversion rate would be to study each social media platform & it's nuances and provide content for each social media based on the platform itself.

  • Louis Adrien Philipe

    Outstanding !

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