5 Reasons Why You Must Care About Customer Sentiment Analysis

5 Reasons Why You Must Care About Customer Sentiment Analysis

Naveen Joshi 21/03/2018 5

Customer sentiment analysis is an incredibly influential tool for steering marketers and their business to positive outcomes, using their customer interactions.

Customer sentiment analysis is the process of gathering opinions of an individual customer or a brand’s audience in communication with a customer service representative. Sentiment analysis helps determine conversations, language, and voice inflections to calculate emotions related to a business, product, or brand. Sentiment analysis has its hands in numerous areas. For instance, sentiment analysis can be performed on social media to determine sentiments of customers on a trending topic. Besides, sentiment analysis can be used by call centers to monitor customer support performance. Furthermore, it has its hands in politics to gather reviews about policy changes, campaign announcements, and many others.

Customer Sentiment Analysis Graph

How Customer Sentiment Analysis Works?

Customer sentiment analysis is driven by an algorithm that allows complex interpretation factors\ such as measuring the amount of stress or frustration in a customer’s voice, measuring the rate of speech, or analyzing the changes in the level of stress indicated by a person’s speech, which are otherwise difficult to measure. Customer sentiment analysis is a tool for analyzing emotions of customers in a call center or customer service representation applications. The algorithm may be based on human analysis, be fully automated, or be a combination of both, and helps refine processes.

Proactive business operation Sentiment analysis offers event analysis and adaptable categories by providing useful insights. Marketers can obtain information from blogs, reviews, social media posts, to analyze customer attitude towards a particular topic or product. Furthermore, marketers can understand purchase intent via the sales funnel, which helps them to evaluate the latest campaigns affecting brand sentiments and also identify the segment that attract more interest.

Deep Audience insight Sentiment analysis helps provide helpful and better customer insights that drive marketers to curate plan for future content and campaigns. Additionally, it helps marketers address market research by adapting their marketing tone before moving further with new product features.

Better ROI on marketing campaign Sentiment analysis helps determine the number of positive and negative discussions over a particular brand or a product, which helps marketers succeed with their marketing campaign. Furthermore, it helps scale the ROI on the marketing campaign by combining the numerical and non-numerical data.

Improved customer service Sentiment analysis is considered to be an effective tool to understand a customer’s behavior and monitor her dissatisfaction, if any. It also enables to change a bad customer review to a good one. This helps marketers drive their business to an altogether different level of success.

Good PR practice Sentiment analysis supports attention to brand perception, which is a must for public relations. It also helps marketers analyze that every message to their customers is relevant and informative. Sentiment analysis helps identify how the audience feels about certain topics.

Customer sentiment analysis is a young and emerging tool, which marketers and advertisers must adopt for the massive benefits they render.

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  • Susan Ng

    Customers will often forget what you said to them, they will also forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

  • Brooklyn Barber

    According to a McKinsey study that I have recently read, more than 85% of customers purchased more items following a positive customer experience. That makes sense why so many businesses are now investing in customer sentiment analysis.

  • Gael Pen

    By analysing customer sentiment analysis more accurately, and in particular finding the things people are really unhappy about, you can focus more on what will make a difference.

  • Sam Wayland

    Applying sentiment analysis to what customers are saying is a little more difficult than expected

  • Lucy Dempsey

    By capturing clients who feel strongly negative towards your product or service, customer service can deal much better with them

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