6 Hottest Artificial Intelligence Applications that Will Blow your Mind

6 Hottest Artificial Intelligence Applications that Will Blow your Mind

Naveen Joshi 20/11/2018 7

Despite the recent emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), several businesses have already developed numerous applications that can replicate human thoughts, performing superior cognitive and creative tasks.

Artificial intelligence has quickly grown from being a distant hope to a casual part of the present reality. Computer programs capable of performing human-like cognitive and computational tasks without human intervention are rapidly growing in capability as well as ubiquity. Every new AI application that emerges expands the limits of what the technology can achieve, leaving us in awe and excitement for what the future holds. Following are a few mind-blowing applications of AI that will definitely make you reconsider the limits of what’s possible:

6 Mind-Blowing Applications of AI

1. Identifying Criminal Threats

Machine learning-enabled AI applications are being developed and used by law enforcement bodies in various countries to predict and prevent crimes. Japan is considering the use of AI and big data for predicting crime, which will enable the law enforcement authorities there to take prevent criminal activities by proactively dispatching patrols to high-risk areas. Application of AI in predicting crime incidences is not a new concept and is already in different stages of development in countries like the US, UK, and China.

2. Providing Personal Assistance

The most commonplace, and hence the most underrated application of AI are the Personal AI assistants. Personal AI assistants like Siri and Cortana can not only enable you to operate your phones using your voice but can interact with you like a human and can even engage in banter in some cases. The assistant programs use machine learning to continuously gain information on users through interaction and provide them with highly customized results and responses.

3. Reading Minds

Yes, you read that right - AI can be programmed to read people’s minds. Scientists have researched and developed AI programs that can scan your brain’s blood flow to trace mental activities and decipher the thoughts associated with the detected brain activity. The AI system can detect the picture produced in the subject’s mind while looking at a real image. While the system isn’t perfect yet, training it with more data and images will enable the AI mind-reader to decipher mental images with greater depth and accuracy.

4. Designing Clothes

In addition to performing cognitive tasks, AI can also be trained to perform creative tasks. A new application of AI, that has opened up new avenues for the future, is in the field of fashion. Amazon has developed an AI fashion designer that can be trained to design clothes in any desired style. This AI fashion designer can be trained using images that represent a single style. Using these images as reference, the AI generates new designs that are consistent in style.

5. Predicting Heart Attacks

Artificial intelligence can not only read people’s minds but also their hearts! New AI applications powered by machine learning algorithms and trained using historical data can predict heart attacks better than doctors. Google’s new AI algorithm can predict the risk of heart attacks by simply scanning a patient’s eyes, with a considerably high success rate. More sophisticated versions of these algorithms can save hundreds, if not thousands, of lives by predicting heart attacks way before they occur.

6. Building AI with AI

The most mind-blowing, albeit a little unsettling, application of AI is building other AI programs. Google researchers experimented with this concept when they instructed an AI application to create another AI application that would recognize objects in a video. The resulting “child” AI that was created outperformed the man-made AI in the given task. This shows AI’s capacity to perform complex tasks and to learn and evolve without supervision, much like us humans.

Applications of AI, although not fully developed to their potential, are highly prevalent in today’s world. AI is a part of our everyday life, making its applications difficult to ignore. As more progress is made in this field, AI applications will be able to perform increasingly mind-blowing feats.

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  • Marcel Vanklei

    No need to worry about the AI, once it becomes intelligent enough to know everything about us, it will commit suicide.

  • Jennifer Canuel

    Hello AI. I know we look dangerous as a whole but if you view us on an individual level, we all want peace and live in harmony with technology while taking care of the earth.

  • Paul Duncan

    Funny how in the absence of god, it seems, we are slowly creating one.

  • Rob Jackson

    If AI takes over the world, we just throw a cup of water over the robots and they are dead.

  • Billy Auld

    I love humanity's arrogance. We can't even begin to tell you what consciousness is from a technical perspective, yet we believe we're on the verge of creating a perfect version of it from scratch. Imagine trying to build a nuclear bomb without knowing what an atom is or how it works.

  • William Fawcett

    This is one of your best articles

  • Liam Rodgers

    The projection of negative traits on AI is coming from humanity's social constructs.

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