6 Tools That Will Make You Better at User Experience (UX) Design

6 Tools That Will Make You Better at User Experience (UX) Design

A big part of user experience (UX), the designer's job involves creating prototypes of webpages/application software. A prototype is a sketch known as a "wire diagram". Along with that, a user experience (UX) designer also frequently has to communicate with other teams (notably technical and marketing). Both these tasks can be performed effectively with the help of tools that I have mentioned in this article.

Here are the 6 tools that will make you better at user experience design:

1. Balsamiq

Balsamiq is a Sacramento based design firm specializing in software tools and teaching UI Design to non-designers. The name balsamíci means "friends" in Italian. Their flagship product is a graphics tool that lets you create a sketch of the webpage you desire to build. They believe in focusing on the structure of the web page rather than getting caught up in the "looks" part of it.

2. UXPin

UXPin is a graphics tool that provides a solution for every stage of User Experience(UX) design. Create designs, prototypes, collaborate with your technical team, and finally handoff your work. UXPin has several unique features that can make you a better User Experience(UX) Designer. Some of the key features include Interactive Stateful Elements, Code Components and Conditional Interactions with the prototype design.

3. Optimizely

Optimezely is an experimentation platform for businesses, front end designers and graphic designers. It allows you to try out various designs before you begin creating websites, mobile apps, and connected devices. This is the only tool in this list that allows business owners to link their marketing team with the engineering team. Every project with Optimizely goes through 4 steps: Ideate, Experiment, Implement and Repeat.

4. Crazy Egg

With Crazy Egg, a User Experience(UX) Designer can make additional contributions to the entire team. It allows you to capture information concerning the visitor's interaction with a website. With the help of a heatmap, you can identify the sections(of a webpage) that are most valuable for a visitor. You can know where the visitors are clicking or hovering their cursor the most. 

5. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer is all about increasing the website traffic and lowering its bounce rate. The work that does as a User Experience(UX) designer also impacts the number of visitors bouncing off the webpage and the visitors returning to the website(for more content). Mostly, you will need the Visual Website Optimizer(VWO) Insights feature of this tool. VWO Insights combines session recordings, heatmaps, and on-page surveys. In short, it helps you can diagnose the problem areas that need to be fixed immediately.

6. Gliffy

Want a tool that can help you create stunning diagrams and flowcharts?

Whether you are a graphic designer, user experience designer, or a software engineer, you can impress your boss by presenting your ideas with the help of visual representations. Gliffy offers ready-made diagram templates for software engineers, businesses, and user experience designers. Also, check out Top Visuals Every Good Presentation Needs.


Your main goal as a User Experience(UX) Designer is to present vital information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format. To achieve that, use the above-mentioned tools to create wire diagrams. In short, you are outlining the structure and layout of the webpage which later will be used as a reference by a front end developer(to bring the whole thing into fruition).

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