A Virtual Phone Number is an Essential Tool in the Digital Era

A Virtual Phone Number is an Essential Tool in the Digital Era

Mihir Gadhvi 16/04/2022
A Virtual Phone Number is an Essential Tool in the Digital Era

While it may seem as though our work needs us to be on call 24/7, there comes a time when there needs to be a line drawn between work and relaxation.

One of the key ways of achieving this while still providing a professional response to clients is through the use of a virtual phone number.

This article will explain exactly what a virtual phone number is and what it can do for you and your business.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?


When we think about a traditional phone, then it’s limited by a physical location; it needs to be plugged into the socket for it to work. Then when we consider mobile phones, you need to have a SIM card to make calls or receive messages.

A virtual phone has none of these limitations. You can still make and receive calls and messages, but it also provides the opportunity to configure how it operates to meet your needs.

Key Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number


We’ve identified six key benefits that will have you convinced of the need to get a virtual phone!

1. You Only Need One Phone

If you need two phone lines, then the traditional route would be to get a second phone and sim card. With that comes all the hassle of carrying them both around with you while also remembering to keep them both charged.

With a virtual phone number, you just need one phone. So that means you have your sim card and then an app for the second number. Then there’s the added advantage of being able to get a virtual phone number up and running in just minutes. 

2. Take Calls From Anywhere

If you’re traveling overseas, then using your mobile phone can start to get really expensive both for you to receive the call and for the person calling you. With a virtual phone number, you don’t get that problem. Because the number isn’t associated with a physical phone, you can take calls no matter where you are in the world.

Now you could be sitting on the beach on vacation and still take calls without anyone knowing any difference! (though we strongly recommend getting some time off from work each year!)

3. Flexibility in Directing Calls

Remember what we said about trying to get some time away from work? Well, with a virtual number, you can quickly and easily direct calls to another member of the team. 

4. Track Marketing Responses

When you have several marketing campaigns running at the same time, it can be difficult to accurately assess which one is giving you the best results. With virtual numbers, you could set up a different number for each campaign. Now you can answer calls knowing which campaign the caller is responding from, which means a far improved customer experience, and you can track your return on investment from your marketing spend.

5. Never Miss a Call

Not answering a call from a client is a sure-fire way of losing their business to the competition. A virtual number offers two different ways of avoiding that situation. First of all, you can set up the virtual number to be redirected to a group of other numbers at the same time. So that might mean that it goes to everyone in your customer service team. 

The second option that comes with apps such as Chalkboard is to have an automated message response. So, when a call isn’t answered, the caller will be sent a pre-written autoreply message. While taking the call should always be the priority, there may be times when that can’t happen. This way, your client will still know that you value their call and that someone will come back to them.

6. Extra Functionality

With a landline phone its functionality is pretty much limited to making and receiving calls. With an app-based virtual number, you suddenly have access to a whole range of features to make life easier.

So, one feature that can be a huge time saver for small businesses comes the ability to automate the customer review process. Getting reviews can be hugely time-consuming, from asking customers to give feedback through to checking and responding to what’s been published. 

A virtual app can automate the process of asking customers to provide reviews and then notify you every time a new review is published.

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