Artificial Intelligence: A Paradigm Shift In Hiring With Recruitment Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: A Paradigm Shift In Hiring With Recruitment Intelligence

Naveen Joshi 27/05/2021
Artificial Intelligence: A Paradigm Shift In Hiring With Recruitment Intelligence

Traditional recruitment processes are set to witness a complete overhaul with the introduction of intelligent recruitment platforms that will improve every stage of the recruitment process with AI capabilities.

Recruitment remains one of the most challenging tasks for organizations today. Recruiters usually have more than one job vacancy to fill for which they have to evaluate hundreds of candidates simultaneously. Add to this the myriad of processes involved, such as job listing creation, posting the job listing on various sites, data update and management, interview scheduling, candidate evaluation, onboarding, and the list goes on. This can lead to confusion and chaos and result in reduced efficiency in the recruitment process. Similarly, recruiters also need to be an expert in their work to ensure that they hire high-quality candidates. Thus, enterprises need to reform the current hiring practices if they want to hire high-quality candidates in the shortest possible time, reduce their HR teams’ workload or bridge the skills gap in their recruitment teams. An intelligent recruitment platform seems to be the perfect solution that can help overcome these challenges. An intelligent recruitment platform is an AI-based software solution that can perform the repetitive tasks of the HR teams and also make logical decisions based on data analysis, significantly improving the outcome of the hiring processes.

How An Intelligent Recruitment Platform Can Bring A Paradigm Shift In Hiring

An intelligent recruitment platform can bring transformative change in every step of the recruitment process, right from the simplest ones such as job listings creation to complex tasks such as candidate evaluation.


Creating Clear Job Descriptions

Having crystal clear and informative descriptions in job listings is rare. Because HR teams usually create new job listings by changing details in an already existing template. Sometimes, recruiters can miss filling in individual sections of the job description. Similarly, as usual practice, they upload the job listing on the standard job boards without giving it any thought. However, these strategies are highly inefficient as it attracts a lesser number of candidates.

On the other hand, an intelligent recruitment platform can ensure that your job listings are highly detailed and find the right exposure. The AI-capable platform can automatically fill in every detail of the job template, ensuring that the job listings are highly accurate and detailed. Similarly, it can analyze previous job listings and their performance on various job boards. Based on the analytics, it can help recommend the best job descriptions and best job sites to post the job listings on.

Finding New Avenues Of Candidate Sourcing

The passive job candidate market, although much bigger than the active job market, is mostly ignored. An intelligent recruitment platform can help explore and tap the potential of this overlooked space. The platform can automatically notify passive candidates about matching job opportunities based on historical data analysis. A large number of candidate CVs are stored in the organization’s database or other public domain. The platform can analyze such CVs to find keywords that match the job description. It can then send automated personalized emails to such candidates or notify HR teams about such candidates. This helps improve the quantity and quality of the candidate pool available to employers.

Screening Candidates Intelligently

Recruiters generally spend only five to seven seconds on a resume and decide whether a candidate is suited for the next round. Scrolling through the piles of resumes and finding out the perfect candidates takes a massive amount of time and resources. This usually results in the potential candidates being lost in the heap of resumes.

However, with an intelligent recruitment platform, recruiters can be assured of screening only the best possible candidates. The candidate screening process is also expedited significantly. The AI algorithms can analyze large volumes of resumes quickly and find the best possible candidates. It looks for keywords in the candidate’s resumes such as the previous job position, the work experience, skills and intelligently identifies potential candidates.

Bridging The Communication Gap

One of the biggest complaints from candidates regarding the recruitment process is the inefficiency in communication. Recruiters usually take a long time to respond to candidate queries. But it's not completely their fault. They are engrossed in other activities related to the recruitment process and hence don’t find the time to respond to the candidates quickly. A bad communication experience can result in candidates leaving the hiring process midway, and enterprises can lose out on good candidates.

An intelligent recruitment platform is a perfect solution for bridging the communication gap between recruiters and candidates. The platform can be used to send automated replies to candidates’ queries. With artificial intelligence capabilities, the platform can analyze the contextual data in emails and respond to the candidates accordingly without human intervention. Similarly, AI-capable text and voice chatbots can respond to candidate queries on the employer’s website. If the candidate cannot find a satisfactory answer, then a human employee can intervene and help the candidate. Additionally, the intelligent recruitment platform can also automatically update the candidate about changes in application status in real-time. As soon as the employee enters new candidate data into the system, the platform can intelligently update the concerned candidate.

Structuring Interviews

Planning and conducting interviews is one of the most tedious and time-consuming processes. A well-organized and structured interview process can help you get the right candidate. However, unfortunately, the interviewing process is highly inefficient as recruiters can’t accurately assess the candidate during interview rounds due to a shortage of time and other duties.

An intelligent recruitment platform can help plan, manage and conduct the entire interview process efficiently. The artificial intelligence algorithms can autonomously analyze an interviewer's calendar to find available time slots and schedule candidate interviews accordingly. The automated scheduling of interviews to ensure the process gets completed quickly and efficiently. Similarly, the platform can also be used to conduct digitized tests, further reducing the time required in the candidate evaluation process. The tool can carry out automated proctoring, helping recruiters focus on other tasks. Additionally, during physical interview rounds, the platform can help recruiters analyze the candidates’ soft skills. The platform can analyze candidate behavior such as facial expressions, body language, and speech patterns to determine whether the candidate is anxious, honest, or lying during the interview. The recruitment process is set to undergo a complete transformation with the introduction of an intelligent recruitment platform. It will pave the way for streamlined automated operations, right from creating job descriptions to onboarding candidates, reduced hiring costs, and improved hire quality.

Eric Sydell, EVP of Innovation at Modern Hire, has perfectly summed up the impact of intelligent recruitment platforms in hiring processes, “AI is a perfect way to recruit the best talent that will excel at your company, as it uses huge volumes of data to predict outcomes better than any person can. Not only does AI save HR departments time, but it also gives candidates some insight into whether they even want the job.”

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