Artificial Intelligence and Personality Tests

Artificial Intelligence and Personality Tests

Naveen Joshi 12/02/2019 6

Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, a neurotic, or an amiable, an AI personality prediction tool will predict your personality traits by simply tracking your eye movements.

We meet so many different kinds of people in our life. And not everyone's the same. Not one bit in fact. Such unique tastes, likes, dislikes, and habits. Some are extroverts, while some are introverts. Some are analytic, while some are pragmatic. But, when we first meet any person, do we really understand their personality? The simple answer is - No, we don’t. Talking to someone can never fully acquaint us with their personality or traits. Understanding a person’s personality is a long story.

To understand humans and their personality, an entirely different study known as physiognomy is followed by scholars. Physiognomy is the study of facial expressions of humans. Right from the time of Aristotle, people have been using the approach to predict human behavior. Physiognomy is derived from a Greek word, which if broken down, means judging the nature of humans. Personality prediction is quite a challenging job, which requires a lot of study and research. But the results derived from the study may or may not be accurate. And that’s the lacuna which AI promises to fill!

Knowing your Personality using Artificial Intelligence

We humans can be quite temperamental and complicated to figure out. Take, for example, the teacher-student relationship. Providing the best education is always the aim of all educational institutions. Educating and guiding students right for a better tomorrow has been an educator’s priority since times immemorial. But not all students will have similar interests, however. Some students might be good at lab work, while some might be good at sports, and some others at mathematics. Some students might open up to teachers sooner than the others. Understanding each student on a personal level is not an easy undertaking for any teacher. Now, what if teachers are given AI tool, that helps them understand a student’s personality?

Then there is the example of lunch hours at offices. While some employees might stick to the same spot every day and have their food, others experiment sitting with different people and in different spots inside the cafeteria. These small choices we make, say big things about our personality type.

Blinking, Winking, and Moving your Eyes to Know your Personality Trait

People say that eyes are the window to the soul. Our eyes say a lot about what we feel, think and perceive in a given situation. On careful examination, we’ll find that our pupils expand and contract in response to every occurrence us. So, just by looking at a person’s eyes, we can determine what they’re thinking or feeling. Researchers at the University of South Australia and the University of Stuttgart found a close connection between the eye movements and personality traits of an individual. The study identified that people with same behavior tend to move their eyes in a similar fashion.

In an experiment conducted at Flinders University, special eye-tracking glasses were provided to 42 students. These students were asked to carry out mundane tasks while roaming around the campus. At the end of the day, the students were given a questionnaire. Based on their answers, the researchers were able to predict four of the big five personality traits for each of these students (neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness) by tracking the eye movements.

Determining the Areas Where AI Personality Prediction Can Make a Big Difference

AI personality prediction can make a groundbreaking impact on not only our personal lives but also on industries and businesses worldwide. By understanding the human personality, many things would get handled in a way more efficient way. AI personality prediction tool can help different sectors. To be honest, we won’t see an immediate effect, but surely, we might see a positive impact in the long run. For example,

  • Customer care/Retail/Marketing - By adopting AI personality prediction tools, businesses can understand their customers beforehand. Based on their personality trait, organizations can offer personalized services, thereby increasing their profits.

  • Career guidance - Not every student is the same. Not every student has the same caliber. Every student is blessed with unique personality traits. And these traits play a vital role in making the right or wrong career choices. So, educators can use the AI personality prediction tools to gauge the potential of students and guide their students right.

  • Recruitment - In this digital age, there is intense competition among recruiters to hire the most promising and talented candidates for their organization. Along with the employability skills, candidates should possess excellent interpersonal skills too. But while the employability skills can easily be determined by scanning the resumes, it’s tough to gauge the interpersonal skills through an interview. But with AI personality prediction, without even conversing, recruiters can find out the true mettle of the candidate.

  • Hospitals – Not all patients can face treatments with the same willpower. Some fear syringes, while others prefer them over oral medication. With the help of AI personality prediction, doctors can comprehend their patient’s mental strengths and weaknesses. They can accordingly alter the treatment process for their patients, increasing their effectiveness in the treatment process.

Investing in AI personality prediction tool will help people-focused professionals to understand their client’s behavioral tendencies, especially with ones they don’t meet. Not only clients or vendors, but the AI prediction tool will improve the interaction between seniors and juniors too. AI personality prediction will have a tremendous impact on our social life too. The tool will majorly help us when we meet someone we haven’t interacted before.

Until recently, psychologists, researchers, and scholars had to determine personality traits based on physiognomy, handwriting, and body language. Since then, a lot of research and studies have been conducted to find better, more accurate, and faster ways to predict an individual’s behavior. Fast forward to today, IT professionals have finally found a concrete way forward and have designed AI personality prediction tool. Ten years down the line, we might see this tool being used in almost every sector. We might probably see a separate team for operating the tool in organizations, we never know.

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  • Jennifer Erskine

    Within a decade or so, artificial intelligence will be everywhere.

  • Lily Peirce

    Remember that Black Mirror episode?

  • Jake Waitsman

    I think this is awesome beyond words

  • Kieran Blair

    The coders should make a mode where you can pause its learning and still interact with it so loved ones can speak with your bot after you die.

  • Carl Justin

    I got a friend: It's a robot.

  • Mohammad Naveed Tariq

    Well AI is very important, not only in IT industries also in every field. but according to my analysis Human can understand other human better not a programmed machine. AI technology may be faster for prediction of personality but it has their own limitations, while human brain has unlimited power of thinking and analysis.
    Hope y'all got my point!

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