Augmented Reality and Navigation: The Perfect Partnership

Augmented Reality and Navigation: The Perfect Partnership

Naveen Joshi 24/10/2019 5

By providing an interactive virtual 3D approach to navigate from one place to another, augmented reality (AR) navigation ushers in the amazing and exciting future of the transportation and logistics industry.

Until a few years ago, the only option to reach an unknown location was to interact with people while traveling and ask for help. We had to go through the hassles of conversing with strangers to know the shortest possible route to our destination. But today, the scenario is not the same. Due to continued technological advancement, we have reached a level where we get real-time information about our current location, traffic alerts, and the best route to our destination at our fingertips with maps. With the combination of visual and voice navigation services, maps eliminate confusions (that existed in the earlier approach) and minimize commute times, making travel safer. We must say that technologies have completely changed the way people travel to different places. The latest revolution in this domain is AR navigation, that offers interactive 3D navigation systems enabled by AR to the people.

AR Navigation: Welcoming Interactive 3D Navigation Systems

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AR, the technology that augments interactive content onto the physical environment, has made its grand entry to revolutionize the navigation system. Google has already launched AR navigation for some local guides. The technology, since its advent, is gaining popularity for the compelling and satisfying experience it offers to customers. Let’s have a quick look at how it works.

Initially, the user is prompted to open the rear side of their smartphone camera. The camera will recognize the user’s location. The app, on gathering the GPS data of the user, will augment interactive, virtual street signs and pointers on the display screen of their smartphone, displaying the shortest possible route. Besides, to avoid accidents, the app will recommend users to keep their phone down after they take the right route. This way, AR not only helps users reach their destination without any difficulty but also help them to move around the streets safely.

Besides, AR navigation has capabilities that go beyond just helping people to navigate through new places. AR navigation can also be used when a user is new to a place and is in search of a good restaurant, parks, cafes, or a theatre. For example, while navigating through a locality, an AR app will provide on-screen prompts of restaurants that have the food you like the most. Further, AR navigation opens up an amazing opportunity for the tourism industry. Currently, while we are on a tour, local guides are always by our side to give us information about the place. But imagine, what if we have an AR-based app on the phone, which when opened and held in front of a historical monument gives us every single bit of information about the place? That’s what customized service is all about.

With the growing availability of high-speed network connectivity and real-time content, AR has now become more powerful than ever before. AR has changed our lives in many ways, from gaming to immersive advertising and now interactive navigation systems. Further improvements in AR navigation will not only make the traveling experience more satisfying but also seamless and efficient.

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  • Phil Slagle

    Some features are still in beta.

  • Anthony Darton

    Google maps will never be the same again !!

  • Emma Parker

    This is so cool !! I love it !!!

  • Jason Gonzalez

    Beyond my wildest dreams. This is next level.

  • Andrew Carter

    I am certain that AR navigation tools will cost a lot of money.

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