Augmented Reality will Change our Lives

Augmented Reality will Change our Lives

Naveen Joshi 03/10/2018 4

Right from helping you try out clothes from your home to assisting you with your car maintenance, there is enough evidence to suggest that augmented reality (AR) will revolutionize your life for the better, very soon.

The ability of augmented reality to merge the real and digital realms has not only captured the attention of the general public but has also taken the world of business by storm. Applications of AR can help a business enhance its offerings by providing an engaging experience to customers. So, whether you are a business owner or a consumer, AR will revolutionize your life.

Here’s how AR will revolutionize your life:

1. Satisfying Shopping Experiences

The most popular use of AR has been in the field of retail and shopping. From the clothes you wear to the furniture in your house, you can try everything without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. The ability to try out things without having to visit a several different stores is a blessing for shoppers, especially if they want to purchase something expensive, which involves a lot of price and quality comparison. Target, the retail giant, allows you to see how new furniture will fit in your house before you spend on it. AR is also used in the diamond industry to allow people to try out diamond rings before buying them. Such AR applications will steadily spread to other industries and revolutionize the way you shop, forever.

2. Real-time Navigation

From paper and 2D stationary maps to interactive 3D navigation systems, the technology to guide people to places has evolved radically. The latest development in the field of navigation is AR camera-enabled navigation systems. This technology makes navigation much easier than doing it through a regular GPS-enabled map, as it leaves no room for confusion. The technology will only evolve more to enable hands-free navigation enabled by augmented reality.

3. Technical Support

AR technology can provide hands-on guidance to users while performing basic tasks that may require professional help otherwise. One such application is in the field of automobile maintenance. Hyundai’s AR app helps car owners to perform repairs on cars without needing mechanical expertise. Similar applications can also be used in training and education while teaching students to perform practical tasks.

4. Immersive Advertising

One of the best examples of using AR for increasing brand awareness and creating a buzz in the market is Pepsi’s AR ad on a London bus stop. Use of AR for advertising is a great way to provide memorable and impactful experiences to audiences, which will improve brand perception. Purely AR-based campaigns will eventually become more commonplace as the technology becomes more mature and commonly accessible. Such ads are also bound to become more interactive, giving brands an opportunity to maximize engagement.

5. Wearable Accessories

Logistics services provider DHL has set the precedent for using AR glasses in warehousesand sorting facilities to help employees identify packages in a quick, accurate and hands-free manner. This not only benefits the employees but also maximizes the productivity of the business, while ensuring customer trust and satisfaction. Wearable technology is gaining popularity, both among consumers and businesses, pointing to a future where wearable accessories will become household objects.

As the technology gains traction and more use cases emerge, especially in conjunction with other technologies, it is not hard to see that AR will revolutionize your life in unimaginable ways. Regardless of whether you’re a consumer, technology enthusiast, or a business owner, you have something to be excited about for the future with AR.

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  • Keith Rodrey Sewell

    The usage of AR can make huge transformations in the business sector.

  • George Doyle

    Companies can now optimize the creation, monitoring, and maintenance of complex systems.

  • Arlene Hayes

    AR is positioning itself to be a daily reality for the mainstream consumer.

  • Steve Leycegui

    Augmented Reality will enhance a person’s perception of reality.

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