Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Workplace

Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Workplace

Naveen Joshi 18/05/2020 4
Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Workplace

Implementing augmented reality (AR) in the workplace helps to provide the perfect man-machine balance by streamlining various common procedures involved in different sectors and organizations.

Certain practices are common amongst workplaces, irrespective of their domain. Employee recruitment, training, paperwork, and maintenance in some form or the other are standard procedures that are carried out across various organizations. These processes are highly inefficient and non-productive in standard practices. Utilizing AR in the workplace can help simplify these processes.

Simplifying Procedures with AR in the Workplace

These industry-related indispensable processes have remained constant since eons, no matter how ineffective or non-productive they were. Implementation of AR in the workplace helps streamline such processes so that your enterprise doesn’t remain an analog player in the digital world.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Workplace

Simplifying Data Analysis

Paperwork is part of almost every organization. Manually going through each paper to extract crucial information is cumbersome. Augmented reality solutions can help enterprises get the required information when they need it, where they need it, in a more engaging, easy-to-consume and immersive manner. Augmented reality can be used in conjunction with other technologies like computer vision and OCR to simplify the process of data analysis. For instance, when an employee is reading a document, an AR wearable equipped with OCR and artificial intelligence technologies, will help easily sort the information contained in the document. It can highlight important information, such as statistics, report conclusions, and trends, significantly simplifying the process. It not only helps reduce time but also helps in making better business decisions as individuals can focus their attention on the relevant information.

Providing Remote Assistance

Augmented reality can help in providing virtual assistance through remote guidance. It can help remotely connect an expert with the on-field technician, in case the technician is facing difficulties in carrying out procedures. Usually, communication in repair procedures happens over a call and results in miscommunication, reducing the efficiency of the task. Augmented reality can help project additional information about the damaged part virtually. The technician or the expert can compare the current condition with a usable one to determine the best course of action. The augmented reality tool can also assist in helping find the correct part required for carrying out repairs. For example, it can virtually project the details of the part, the location of the replacement in the toolkit, and the correct procedure for carrying out the replacement. Thus, augmented reality makes it simple for employees to understand complex objects and procedures, thereby improving efficiency and productivity.

Reinventing HR Management

Using augmented reality, human resources managers can shorten their candidate shortlisting procedure. Managers have to analyze hundreds of resumes on a daily basis, which can be highly time-consuming. The augmented reality tool can display vital information about the candidate via an AR-enabled HUD to the HR manager. Details regarding the educational qualifications, work experience, and other professional skills acquired by the candidate can be easily accessed by the HR manager. Augmented reality tools can also prove beneficial in giving newly selected candidates a quick tour of the company by overlaying information on real-world entities. These include the office infrastructure as well as other employees. For instance, a candidate can point the AR tool towards a specific location or an employee, and the AR solution will provide information such as the name and designation of the said individual.

Organizations should leverage AR in the workplace to improve their productivity, safety, and compliance. Whenever one thinks of implementing technology at the workplace, the focus is usually restricted to enhancing the core operations that are specific to the industry. However, augmented reality can help in improving the efficiency of the backend processes that form the backbone of organizations.

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    So interesting!!

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    Interesting and thought provoking

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    AR is a great platform for so much innovation.

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