Best E-Learning Resources for Business Professionals on the Internet!

Best E-Learning Resources for Business Professionals on the Internet!

One of the most fundamental ways of taking a profound control over your business is to understand its various aspects and to understand them well. Something, that is only possible if you keep your knowledge head to head with the hurrying time. So even if you have a billion-dollar company or you are just getting started; you will always find the need to continuously expand your skill set and get better at what you do.

But going back to the classroom and preparing for tests isn’t that easy when you are running a company, so how’d you do it? Just like everything else, using the internet.

E-learning is now backed by a plethora of scholarly study material and MOOCs that can be followed without disturbing your tight schedule. Moreover, many of these resources are provided at tiny or no costs, which is a great for someone who plays an all-rounder in an organization.

Best e-learning Resources on the Internet for Business Owners

1. My Own Business Institute (MOBI)

My Own Business Institute or MOBI is a part of Santa Clara University, aimed at teaching aspiring businessmen everything from the fundamentals to the advanced things like resource planning and budgeting. This Silicon Valley University offers a horde of free courses in business in which you can obtain a certification and a digital badge for your website.

In addition, MOBI offers some useful resources such as an Entrepreneur’s Blog and marketing tools on its resource page. It is to be noted that these courses are being offered by Leavey School of Business, which ensures that you are learning from a world class institute.

2. Code Academy

If you are influenced by people like Aubrey Anderson, who found a company based on his coding skills, Code Academy could be your go-to source for learning the latest in web development and software programming. This completely free online courses provider covers a vast range of technologies such as CSS, Javascript, Python, Shell command line and more. If only learning is what you seek, then this can serve you a reliable and free resource.

Some features like Quizzes and Projects are only available for Code Academy Pro Members, which is a paid program, but equally effective. Taking into consideration that web development is one of the fastest changing markets, keeping up with in-trend technologies can be really rewarding for your business and that is exactly what Code Academy is made for.

3. edX

edX is the proud product of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offering a wide variety of educational resources and Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) contributed by over 90 international partners.

The platform is great for learning something new in Data Science to Business Management to Law. You get the option to obtain professional certification by participating in these courses, which is paid.

The credibility of the platform is established by the fact that it is open source as well as non-profit, and works towards its mission to make education widely available for everyone.

For you Business people, we recommend, Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer, which is a great course everything from business and industry-specific skills.

4. The Saylor Academy

Did you ever feel like you have missed out on an important subject back in your college? Well, it is time you re-learn it and even gain the credit for it with Saylor Academy. The online learning website is a non-profit initiative providing online study courses designed under the supervision of expert tutors from around the world. These courses can be taken up at your own convenience and also offer college credits, in case that is your motivation. Saylor’s Business Administration and Professional Development courses are recommendable for you as a business owner.

The best part is, most of these courses are provided free of cost.

5. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most popular platforms to enroll in online courses that are provided directly by an educational institution. You will find individual courses as well as multicourse specialization at Coursera from famous names like Stanford University, University of Michigan and Penn State University.

Being such a large community, Coursera provides a number of interaction features such as course forums and self assessment tests that make this whole experience of e-learning much more engaging for you.

Top Courses for Business Owners on Coursera

Financial Markets

Successful Negotiation

Digital Marketing

Bonus Resources

Apart from educating yourself via the medium of online courses, you can always learn something new from the thought leaders of the world. So here are some bonus resources to get your business skills brushed up.

TED Talks

TED continues to be one of the most influential platforms for sharing thought-provoking ideas with the world. You probably know about it so, we’ll get ahead with an interesting playlist of Business Motivation talks.

Talks to watch when your business is reorganizing

The Deadly genius of organized crime

The “Entrepreneurs on Fire” Podcast

This is a motivational collection of podcasts from great speakers like Ian Altman and Julie Stoian, which will give you a fiery boost in entrepreneurship side by side acting as a great point to divert your attention.


So these were some of the best e-learning platforms that will help you sharpen your skills as a business owner and drive your company towards newer pinnacles. After all, self-reliance can’t be beaten by self-dependence.

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    Very useful tips, thanks for sharing

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    I have used Coursera many times, it's such a great e-learning tool

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    Ted talks bring joy to my life

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