Big Data Utopia – a Myth or Reality?

Big Data Utopia – a Myth or Reality?

Naveen Joshi 30/04/2018 2

Big data utopia can become a reality if an organization leverages analytics to streamline its processes. If big data utopia becomes a reality, it holds the potential to transform multiple industries.

In the digital age, businesses are leveraging numerous technologies to ensure efficient functioning of their processes. Currently, the number of sources from where information generates is continually increasing. All of this information differs in formats and results into big data. Big data analytics is a technology that provides actionable insights to organizations assisting them in making better decisions. Applications of this technology spans across multiple industries and big data exists for almost everyone today. Big data utopia refers to a situation where information gathered from disparate sources is used correctly to create better processes and workplaces. The perfect way of using analytics applies to a case where insights become applicable for the benefit of people, overall.

Solving Complex Problems with Big data Utopia 

Big data analytics is known for its ability to assist authorities in decision making by predicting trends by studying patterns, behaviors, and activities. As companies are capturing almost every single piece of information about people, the same data when analyzed can assist authorities to avoid specific situations.

One aspect that can benefit drastically from analyzing information is surveillance and monitoring. As machines communicate directly with big data systems, predicting instances of wrong usage of information gets easy. Furthermore, when we have specified guidelines to what is ethically right, using analytics to solve a myriad of problems can become a reality. Video surveillance is an aspect of security that can benefit from using analytics ethically. With big data analytics for video surveillance, mapping anomalies in individual behavior in real-time becomes easier. With big data analytics, mapping global trends have become possible. All this is required is to understand what casts a threat and what is normal. When this happens, big data utopia can become a reality and shall hold the ability to solve several world problems.

Big Data Utopia in the Workplace

Employees often complain about work-related stress and depression. Around the world, almost 60% of workdays are lost due to stress-related issues. Losing out on working days not only results in a loss of revenue but also culminates in barricading an organization’s overall growth.

As companies hold an enormous amount of information across different sections, analyzing the same information can assist authorities in avoiding stress-related issues with employees. Organizations can map employee performance by analyzing data sources such as log-in and log-out times, email mapping, and the number of leaves taken by employees. Such sources are capable of speaking much about a person. Increasing workload can relate directly to late log-out times and frequent visits to the workplace, a higher number of leaves link directly to an employee being under stress or depression.

Organizations can check for such indications in employee behavior, time and again, to ensure efficient functioning of business. Authorities can intervene when analysis predicts stress or underperformance of an employee and can change their work processes to release the pressure.

Big data utopia can be a reality if we know what is ethically correct and work towards using information towards a better outcome. CTOs and CIOs can now work towards leveraging this technology in their work to fulfill employee and employer needs. This fulfillment of requirements would result in a better workplace and culminate into an organization’s overall growth. At the same time, authorities can also keep a check on how they can assist governments by providing intuitive insights to achieve global peace and make big data utopia a reality.

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