Diamond or Water - What do you want to be?

Diamond or Water - What do you want to be?

09/08/2018 9

Diamond and water are two of the most valuable substances on our planet. But why do we give so much value to these substances? Let us find out.


First, we have to understand why we give value to something. In case of substances like a diamond, the value mostly comes from desire. The desire to own a costly substance. Owning a diamond jewelry is a matter of pride for most people. It elevates their social status and makes them feel good. Apart from personal reasons diamond really does not have any practical use to common people. In industries, diamonds are used as tips for cutting tools, but these diamonds are mostly artificially produced. The shine of a diamond makes it a perfect commodity for making jewelry and that is the sole reason why the value is so high. The high value that we give to diamonds and the regulated supply of it by the merchants makes this commodity so costly. To a person who has lost a loved one or somebody in his/her death bed, diamond really does not have any value. To them, it is just another shiny rock.

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The value of water does not come from desire rather it comes from need. Water is a basic necessity, and it is used by every living being on this planet. Our industries won't survive without water. Water is the most valuable substance on this planet. Most of us usually don't appreciate its value because of the abundant supply. But to a person living in some harsh environment, where water is difficult to find, the value of water is appreciated. Diamond will have less value to a person living in such arid conditions.

The value that we give to diamonds has given rise to many phrases such as - "Shine like a diamond", "Diamonds are created under pressure", "Discover the diamond in you" or "He\She is a diamond". But how often do we come across phrases like "Be like water" or "He/She is like water"?

Like diamonds, the value of one human being to another human being is mostly based on desire. Only to your family, your value will be like that of water. When you are searching for a job, you have to shine like a diamond, so that your resume gets spotted; when you are talking to your clients you have to shine like a diamond so that you can impress them; when you are talking to your employees you have to shine like a diamond so that they listen to you. Whenever another person is involved you have to shine like a diamond in order to lift up your social status.

In order to continuously shine like a diamond, we often forget to be like water. Remember, diamond's value is based solely on desire, water's value is based on necessity. The world functions because of people who are like water, people who don't really stand out from the rest of the crowd, but their value is understood at the times of crisis.

Diamonds are created under high pressure, but they are rigid and cannot be changed easily. If you want to stay in the same place forever then being a diamond is not a bad choice. People will easily spot you because of your experience and your service. But when that service will get obsolete, your value will be diminished forever. Nokia was a diamond is the mobile world, they remained stuck to their position for a long time, when their product became obsolete, their value also diminished.

Be like water, flow like it. Water is a universal solvent it can absorb many different types of substances. Similarly, you should also focus on being a universal learner, gather knowledge from various fields, you may never know when that knowledge will come in handy. Water can turn into ice when the temperature is low. Just like that, when there is not much stress in your professional life, turn into ice and stick to your work, when the temperature rises and you start feeling the heat, just melt back into the water and start exploring, you will surely find a solution to that problem. If your workplace is becoming hell or you are not finding interest anymore in the work that you are doing, just turn into steam and fly off from that area and go to some completely different field. Be like water and your life will become a lot interesting, your value will never diminish and when there is a problem in your workplace or a crisis in the society, that disturbance will cause you to shine as well. Yes, water also shines when there is a disturbance.

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  • Martin Duckworth

    Thanks Shubham for this twisted analysis of the Paradox of Value.

  • Danielle Johnson

    Good plot twist

  • Brian Mesteller

    Diamond are more valuable than water monetarily but our life is much more important to us.

  • Ian Hayes

    Water all the way !

  • Tanya Webb

    This seems common sense to me.

  • John Mclaughlin

    Each thing is worth more based on the situation.

  • Danny Ward

    That was dope. Good article.

  • Kevin Andersen

    Diamonds are worthless if you are dead.

  • William Ross

    I prefer water to diamond, I don't like luxury stuff.....

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