Did You Know These 3 Types of Robots?

Did You Know These 3 Types of Robots?

Naveen Joshi 09/10/2021
Did You Know These 3 Types of Robots?

There are different types of robots, ranging from friendly ones that are designed to connect with us emotionally to labor-intensive ones that are tasked to perform complex duties.

The industrial revolution saw factories around the globe enjoy the tremendous benefits of robots. These automated machines can stay up fresh 24x7, performing human duties with 100% accuracy and efficiency. With the help of robots stemming from the more recent Industries 4.0 revolution, several organizations can drive their productivity, revenue growth, and innovation. Realizing the countless benefits of robots, organizations have begun capitalizing on AI’s application, aiming to transform their business altogether. Earlier meant for industrial and military purposes, robots are now significantly becoming the key economic driver for several organizations.

Generally, there are five types of robots:
  • 1) Pre-Programmed Robots
  • 2) Humanoid Robots
  • 3) Autonomous Robots
  • 4) Teleoperated Robots
  • 5) Augmenting Robots

But not all robots are the same. There are different types of robots used in different fields of businesses. You’ve obviously heard of the typical assembly line robot. But have you heard of these three?


1. Agricultural Robots

Did you know, every second a person dies due to hunger? With the aim to get rid of this huge global issue, governments are moving towards achieving ‘precision agriculture.’ The US government has started to provide farmers with advanced farming methods to enhance the crop productivity. Hence, farmers today increasingly seek help from robots to boost their crop yield. With their endless energy levels, agricultural robots can increase the production rate of crops. There are several agrarian robots, ranging from autonomous seeding to weed monitoring system to robotic harvesters, which completely automate and speed up the repetitive tasks of farmers.

2. Social Robots

Social robots are increasingly gaining momentum in various areas where there is a need for actual interaction between humans and autonomous machines. For example, social robots are now helping out kids in the education sector to learn better. They can give additional care and special attention for children having learning impediments. Not only the education sector but also airports can see social robots greeting passengers at check-ins and gates. Additionally, robots are taking ‘care’ of elderly people at home when no one is around, helping them cope. From handing them appropriate medicines on time to cleaning the house to assisting them with locomotion to having a friendly conversation with them, social robots play an essential role in helping seniors. Hence, social robots are becoming new friends of people across the globe.

3. Medical Robots

Robots assist practitioners and patients in myriad ways within the medical environment. Robots are increasingly used as an assistive solution for various roles in the healthcare sector. With the help of telepresence robots, doctors can examine the health of people staying in rural or urban areas. Doctors can interact with the patients via the telepresence robots, asking about the status of their health, and providing the required medical assistance. Additionally, robots deliver the necessary medicines, food, or injections to the patient’s room without any human involvement. Also, there are robots that assist doctors in finding insertion sites for withdrawing blood accurately.

Twenty years back, no one had imagined that robots would be so pervasive. Twenty years from now, we do not know what position robots will hold in the tech space. But, we are pretty sure that as the technology behind robots gets better, we will see more robotic applications in previously unthinkable areas of various industries.

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