Holographic AR is the Future of Education

Holographic AR is the Future of Education

Naveen Joshi 24/08/2020 4
Holographic AR is the Future of Education

With the use of Holographic AR in education on the rise, it won’t be long before students step into the classroom without the presence of a physical teacher.

The adoption of technology has significantly increased in K-12 classrooms, with augmented reality, virtual reality, and computer vision leading the way. Holographic AR can build on these technologies to drive improved learning outcomes from these EdTech classrooms even further. This will result in providing better educational tools that will prove beneficial not only to teachers but to the students as well.

What is Holographic AR?

Holographic AR is the next generation of augmented reality, which allows users to overlay digital objects in real-life environments. It provides for much richer user experience as compared to regular AR technology as users can experience the virtual world more immersively than standard AR. It can provide for a better classroom experience to teachers and, more importantly, to students as they are prone to suffering from attention loss if the content or teaching style is not engaging enough.

Benefits of Holographic AR in Education

Holographic AR in Education

Interactive Content

The potential applications of Holographic AR in teaching are only limited by our imaginations. Holographic AR can provide interactive and engaging content for students. Educators can, quite literally, bring textbooks to life with holographic AR technology. They can overlay anything from the surface of the moon or the tallest mountain peak in the classroom using holographic AR technology. As a result, students can get a better understanding of the subjects being taught. Also, the engagement levels of uninterested students can be significantly increased by incorporating holographic AR technology in classrooms. Educators can take their students on a virtual tour of different places and times relevant to the subject being taught without stepping out of the classroom. Thus, the quality of education imparted can be improved significantly using holographic AR technology.

Virtual Teacher

Holographic AR can allow teachers to take lectures without physically being present in the classroom. This proves most useful when educational institutes arrange for a lecture from an expert on a certain topic. The educator can deliver the lecture at their own comfort, thereby saving precious time lost in commuting. Institutes can arrange for lectures by experts from the other side of the world using holographic AR technology. Holographic AR provides an added advantage over conducting a lecture over a video call as it provides a much more engaging environment to the students. Teachers can also deliver a lecture to multiple classrooms at the same time using holographic AR technology.

Challenges to the Implementation of Holographic AR in Education

Although holographic AR provides an interactive and engaging teaching method, the adoption of this technology has been very slow in the education sector. The only roadblock in implementing holographic AR in education is that educators, as well as the technology providers, have not given it much thought. Businesses need to make educational institutes aware of the benefits of this technology. The educational organizations, too, must be open to implementing and experimenting with holographic AR technology. With further research and increased awareness, holographic AR technology can become mainstream and can be seen in every classroom.

As the holographic AR technology becomes more widespread and makes its way into educational institutes, it can bring unimagined student engagement levels to the learning process. This can vastly help in improving the general intelligence of students, encouraging them to take a greater interest in studies, or even pursue higher education. With further development in the technology and its deployment on a global scale, it can reach the remotest areas having untapped EdTech markets.

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  • Rebecca Haye

    No need for remote teaching when you can summon your teacher

  • Scott Andrews

    This is so cool !!

  • Mike Oliver

    Impressive, thanks for sharing

  • Sean Roberts

    Can students focus? This is my main worry.

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