How AI Will Transform Digital Marketing During Covid-19

How AI Will Transform Digital Marketing During Covid-19

Naveen Joshi 20/12/2021
How AI Will Transform Digital Marketing During Covid-19

Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) are embracing artificial intelligence to improve their digital marketing strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Digital Interactions

Be it predicting, strategizing, or promoting sales, everything can be optimized by incorporating artificial Intelligence (AI) in digital marketing.


Source: Hubspot & Marketing Insider Group 

Technology has impacted almost all sectors of the global economy today. Marketing, especially, has seen a shift from traditional analog methods to the novel digital ones. With businesses employing the Internet to promote themselves, marketing has moved from offline channels to digital platforms.

The next big step in digital marketing is its integration with AI. With intelligent machines that mimic human cognitive functions of reasoning, logic and general intelligence, companies are employing AI in digital marketing to boost their business statistics.

Leveraging AI in Digital Marketing During Covid-19


1. Creating Impactful Ads

AI machines implement statistical learning to deliver impactful ads to the users. Every time the user browses a website or clicks on a link directed to a product, the algorithms keep a record of this activity. Over time, computers apply pattern-learning techniques to study the data records and create a deterministic model for user behavior with deep learning techniques. A lot of companies use this approach to learn from data and optimize their marketing strategies as per the needs of the customers. Social media platforms like Facebook that host advertisements, leverage personal information for a more targeted marketing campaign.

2. Predicting Outcomes

Predictive learning applications of AI are used to align marketing strategies with the customer’s needs. By studying current user experiences and comparing them against each other, AI machines can make decisions and detect an upward or a downward trend in the sale of a certain commodity. Predictive analysis is generally used in the media and entertainment industry to observe statistics and responses for programs, movies, and television shows. The reports created, then, can be studied for determining the continuity of, let’s say, a show or a genre. The popular entertainment channel, Netflix, used this approach of recommendation systems trained by AI programs to suggest movies and TV shows for every user.

3. Enhancing User Experience

Success in a business is highly dependent on customer satisfaction. By catering to customer needs, AI creates an improved trade experience for the users. Virtual assistants to help users shop, chatbots for providing updated product details, smooth networks enabling consumers to reach the right person, and interaction with users to maintain a consistent customer base can all be achieved by computers powered with AI. AI in digital marketing helps build a better market while adding credibility to the company. Employing AI in digital marketing strategies can also help with:

  • Data crunching
  • Sales forecasting and optimization, especially for a new product
  • Maximizing Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reaching out to the right audience
  • Improved search predictions



Covid-19 has accelerated several trends including the use of AI in digital marketing. Its applications in the digital marketing realm are being tried and tested to help machines perform better in the field. It is too soon to predict a complete AI structured business model for digital marketing, but we all know that the ‘intelligent machines’ are here to stay, learning on the go.

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