How Chatbots are Changing the Fashion Industry

How Chatbots are Changing the Fashion Industry

Naveen Joshi 28/10/2020 1
How Chatbots are Changing the Fashion Industry

Implementing bots in the fashion industry provide customers a compelling experience, acting as their personal virtual stylist with quick responses, fashion-related suggestions and tips. 

Chatbots are not new to the tech space anymore. Chatbots have been around for a while now and are already making a revolutionary impact in almost every industry. With chatbots, businesses can offer satisfactory services to customers, build brand reputation, and also improve profit margins. Today, chatbots have become smart and intelligent enough to comprehend the context, understand users’ intent, and answer suitably. But earlier, this wasn’t the scenario. They were used as an information acquisition tool by many. Being rule-based, chatbots lacked context-awareness. They weren’t able to understand natural language, humor, or emotions. But as their underlying technologies advanced, chatbots evolved too. Today, chatbots can even act as negotiators. That’s the level of sophistication chatbots have reached today. So it won’t be too surprising to know that chatbots can now act as our personal fashion stylist, helping us style-related decisions that would suit us best. Through a fashion bot, customers can get personalized outfit suggestions and fashion tips that they might be interested in. Now isn’t that just amazing?

Fashion Chatbot

Fashion Bot: The Concept

Highly trained with the help of relevant datasets, present-day chatbots can easily study patterns from the interaction that they have with a user. Analyzing and comprehending the context of the chat, a chatbot can easily predict a user’s preferences and interests. A chatbot will know what style of outfit a user intends to purchase. Depending on her preferences, the fashion bot will dig its database to find the right match. By continuously throwing different questions on users and keeping them engaged, chatbots will try to gain access to user details on choices. Based on its analysis, the chatbot can provide personalized fashion recommendations to users.

Fashion Bot: The Applications

If you think that chatbots have only just entered the fashion industry, then you are highly mistaken. The fact is the fashion industry was one of the early adopters to leverage chatbots to provide their customers with individualized and novel shopping experiences. Some reputed fashion brands have already embraced chatbots to achieve financial benefits. Tommy Hilfiger, the premium American clothing company, implemented a fashion bot in 2016. The bot greets customers, asks questions, understands their choices, and then offers them a variety of options. Customers can check and select the best outfit that matches their body type and preferences.

Victoria Secret, an American fashion house for lingerie, accessories and cosmetic products, is another ground breaker to implement a fashion bot for women. As of now, the friendly bot is dedicated to offering advice and tips to select bras for different occasions. After a user enters the required information, the bot bombards them with a variety of options. Users can then check the available options and select the best design that is perfect for a particular occasion. Without having to step out of the house, women can now get expert advice on bra styles and designs for any time or outfit at their fingertips.

Along with suitable fashion tips, a fashion bot can also offer exclusive deals to customers, thereby improving engagement. As a result, fashion brands can witness increased customer happiness and retention levels, leading to financial gains. Now that’s a ‘win-win’ situation for both customers and fashion brands, don’t you think?

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  • Craig Bradshaw

    Fashion companies have increased their price. Bots are probably busy with angry customers !!

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