How to Make Full Use Of Asset Tracking Software?

How to Make Full Use Of Asset Tracking Software?

Daniel Hall 29/11/2022
How to Make Full Use Of Asset Tracking Software?

Asset tracking solution is a great way for businesses to keep track of their assets, especially when it comes to critical equipment.

However, if you don’t make full use of it, you will just end up wasting resources. Here are a few tips you should consider to make the most of your asset tracking tool:


Determine What Assets You Need to Track

Asset tracking software is a tool that helps you manage your assets. It's a way to track the location of those assets, and it can also help you keep tabs on their condition and how long they'll last.

For example, if you own expensive equipment purchased several years ago but is still in good condition today, you can use the software to track the purchase. This way, they don't fall out of date as time goes by. 

Look at the Asset Life Cycle

Asset tracking software can help you to understand the life cycle of your assets. The asset life cycle is the period from when an asset is acquired to when it is disposed of. This includes planning, maintenance, use, and disposal.

The asset life cycle begins with acquisition or purchase when you buy new equipment or vehicles for business purposes. It continues through operations where your employees use these vehicles or equipment as part of their job duties in order to get work done efficiently and effectively. They also contribute towards overall profitability within your organization. 

Once this stage is complete, then comes maintenance. This includes replacing all parts after certain periods depending upon usage etc. Then comes the disposal stage, where you will either sell the obsolete items or donate them. 

Understand Asset Depreciation

Asset depreciation is the process of allocating the cost of a tangible asset over its useful life. When you purchase an asset, it's generally depreciated for accounting purposes over time until it reaches its end-of-life. Depreciation can be calculated using different methods, such as the straight line or the sum of years' digits (SOLYD).

Ensure Clear Work Orders and Responsibilities

Make sure that work orders are clear and easy to follow. The first thing you should do is ensure that there is a clear responsibility for each task. If this is not done, then it may lead to confusion among your employees as well as others involved in the project. Also, make sure that you have the right people who can carry out these tasks effectively. This way, they can meet deadlines within a short period of time so that you don’t lose out on revenue.

Identify and Analyze Your Critical Equipment

Critical equipment is any piece of equipment you cannot live without, including all your systems. It is the most important thing for you to track because if it goes down or gets damaged, then it will cause major problems for your business. 

The best way to identify critical equipment is by looking at what type of tasks are being performed on this system. Do they require high levels of accuracy? Are there any special requirements for its use? If so then these will be aspects that need consideration when choosing an asset tracking software solution. Also, consider whether these tasks are repetitive in nature. If so, then maybe it’s better to be automated instead!


By taking these steps, you’ll be able to optimize the usage of your asset tracking software so that you can track and control your company’s assets better. Asset management is an important part of any business, so it’s worth the effort!

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