How to Make your Workplace Smarter

How to Make your Workplace Smarter

Chhavi Firani 30/08/2018 4

Most of your business work is carried out at your office, and with modern technology, you can make it even more productive. Welcome to the era of smart workplaces, where your office is capable enough to sustain its needs and help you stay ahead in competition.

Smart workplace solutions range from a variety of software and hardware applications that make your workflow smoother while eliminating overheads.

Dikonia has contributed a lot in this tech space with smart business process applications that automate simple chains of tasks and save on resources for the owners.

So, if you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you can make some rewarding changes to your office, by adopting intelligent technology. We have made a list of the key practices that will help you achieve this goal.       

Remote Access

Almost all workplaces practice some degree of remote access but the boundaries can be pushed further. Cloud solutions can enable you to manage your business data and applications from anywhere in the world. While most workplaces stay oblivious from such solutions due to the technical challenges, in reality, they’re pretty easy to implement.

Microsoft Office 365 is one such software suite that takes all your office applications to the cloud. You can open, edit and share any document created using MS office online, sitting anywhere in the world. With business friendly pricing, Office 365 is the go-to tool if you want to increase the level of remote access at your workplace.

Virtual Desktops are the next solution in the line that allow you to remotely access your Office PC from within or outside the office. You can open applications installed on your PC or retrieve files as you would sitting in your office, but all of this happens remotely. Organizations with several building floors and hundreds of PCs deploy such solutions for easier accessibility. Microsoft and VMware are they key providers virtualization for office use.

Mobile Portability can also be utilized to help employees securely shift their work to their own mobile devices. Major cloud solution usually allow mobile accessibility integrated into the system but you can go for custom applications as well.

For instance, Environment Protection Authority, Australia partnered with Dikonia for developing a mobile app meant for employee training. The application was designed to provide training recruits in a 3D immersive environment. Read the case study on the EPA Mobile App

Smart Power Consumption

Workplace infrastructural costs are the biggest worry for small businesses and growing startups. It becomes hard for them to make ends meet if half of their earning goes to electricity bills.

Hence, the need to cut down of infrastructural costs is immediate and thankfully there are smart alternatives to do this. Optimum Energy LLC is a company that specializes in HVAC optimization for workplaces.

Their proprietary software shakes hands with your cooling, heating and other energy consumption systems to save energy intelligently. They claim a saving ratio of as much as 50 percent, which is quite impressive for any company looking forward to make such a change.

OhmConnect is another energy efficiency app that lets you save energy in your office by offering a number of tools to play around with. This app is free for use and claims to pay the users when you save energy working in tandem with environment conservation.

Office Automation

The hidden fact about Business Process Automation is that it’s simpler than it sounds. You can take a number of features of your workplace and convert sync them in one harmony so that you don’t have to worry about each of them individually.

Technology makes the automation process effortless with hundreds of office solutions in place. Here are a few tools you can use to automate simple tasks in your office.


Expensify helps you manage expenses when you’re on an office tour or when the company is liable to pay you for amenities on the go. You can always submit expense reports from everywhere you went with this app directly from your phone.


Ever wanted a file storage tool that you could customize according to your need? Here is one and it is automated. Nexenta is an open source platform that provides easier file sharing and storage for businesses.


This online tool makes hiring easier for companies by automating certain components of the process for you. You can track applicants, schedule interviews, manage results and move to onboarding all from within the app.

Staging Consultants (Built by Dikonia)

Staging Consultants is an industry specific example pertaining to the home staging consultancy business. The app allows home stagers to make clear estimates, record details and even draw floor diagrams in the app to automate the cumbersome task of home staging.


A smart office is the one that doesn’t require manual labour for simple tasks and that can efficiently manage its expenses with the use of smart technology. Today, a smart office is not only a luxury but a need that you business deserves to have.

You can get in touch with us for more on how to make your office smarter with custom software development solutions provided by us.

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  • Scott Rogers

    Each work environment impacts mood, drive and performance.

  • Eric Williams

    When employees work with toxic tools, they are more likely to become toxic themselves.

  • Will Meadows

    Technology has positively impacted our lives in more ways than we can imagine and that’s especially true in the workplace.

  • Rob Gallagher

    Slack has proven itself very flexible and is how almost all of our internal communication takes place.

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