How To Protect Your Cell Phone From Cyber Security Threats

How To Protect Your Cell Phone From Cyber Security Threats

12/02/2020 4

Most people use their cell phone without much thought of security. That’s because it’s not really a topic of conversation until something happens.

It’s easier to comprehend security issues with a laptop or PC than a cell phone. As it turns out, there are nearly as many threats to your cell phone as there are any other device. As a result, you’ll need to take measures aimed at keeping your phone safe.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software serves the purpose of protecting your phone from an attack that can occur when browsing websites or downloading apps. It’s possible for your phone’s operating system to be infected if there are weaknesses that have not been protected with antivirus software. Depending on how many devices you have, it could be worth your time to find an antivirus software package that protects multiple devices.

When doing your research, steer clear of antivirus software that’s fake and aimed at making you think you’re protecting your phone when you’re actually creating a vulnerability. The use of 5G technology can also help. What is 5g technology? It's fifth generation wireless cell phone technology that was designed for greater speed and security.

Screen Lock

Most people are familiar with screen lock, even if they don’t use it. While it only takes a few seconds to add and use a screen lock, some people find it inconvenient. This is a mistake because those few seconds can save you a lot more time that will be spent if your phone is stolen and all of your personal information is compromised. If you already use a screen lock, make sure your password is complex. The number of people that use codes like 1234 or 3333 might surprise you. The goal is to make sure the code is not easy to crack.

When setting your screen lock, you should also enable the remote tracking app, which is available on most devices. If you have an iPhone, it’s called ‘Find my iPhone.’ If you have an Android, it’s called ‘Find my Device.’ This feature can be a lifesaver when your phone is lost or stolen. You'll also be able to disable your phone so that it cannot be used.

Download Features

As the number of people using smartphones have increased, so has the amount of malware. As a result, when downloading apps, you’ll have to be careful. There are apps available that can examine what you are about to download and provide alerts when there is a potential problem.

Remote Data Wiping

Imagine someone stealing your phone and then you all of a sudden realize that they now have access to all of your passwords and personal information. Then imagine being able to wipe the data out remotely so that they have the phone but not your personal information. This can be a lifesaver and provide you with peace of mind that can very easily be lost when a complete stranger has sensitive information.

Storage Features

If you really think about the power that’s contained within your phone, you’ll probably find it amazing, because it is. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you have a small computer in the palm of your hand. Most devices can carry a significant amount of data and that information can be easily compromised if you don’t take the right measures.

It’s best to protect your data by using software that will encrypt your folders and files. This means you would have to use a password to view certain files. While it will add a few seconds to the amount of time it takes to view files, it’s well worth the extra time since it can prevent the theft of sensitive information.

In addition to having the right apps installed on your phone, you must also have good habits and practices. Although you can store a lot of information on your phone, that doesn’t mean you should. It's best to store data from your phone using cloud technology.

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  • Sam Hughes

    I completely agree with your points.

  • Saif Mumin

    Almost all old phones don't recieve security patches, Custom ROMs such as LineageOS extend their life by offering newer android versions and patches. If you are using a Google Pixel device, CopperheadOS is the most secure Android version you can find.

  • Amanda Chinery

    I keep my phone most of the time in a Faraday bag and just get it out when I need it. No signal no spying.

  • Barry Jones

    I wish I could shoot my stalker.. LOL !!!

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