How to See Incognito History on Android Without Anyone Knowing

How to See Incognito History on Android Without Anyone Knowing

Daniel Hall 07/06/2024
How to See Incognito History on Android Without Anyone Knowing

With Incognito mode, you can keep your browsing history private.

It is the safest way to hide any sensitive information you access on the internet. But sometimes, you need to view a person’s incognito history as a parent, spouse, or employer.

This article will explain how to check incognito history on a phone without the user being aware.

Can You See the Incognito History

If you are still confused and wondering if incognito history can be seen, the answer is yes. You can view the incognito history of anyone remotely on Android and iPhone. You can track the incognito history of Google Chrome and Safari browsers only with a third-party tool.

This is the safest, most reliable, and only way to view incognito history. These tools, or phone tracking apps, are available online. Viewing incognito history is a minor capability; these apps offer a plethora of other functionalities:

  • Check location

  • Track search history

  • View text messages

  • Track call logs and contacts and do many other things

How to Check Incognito Search History on iPhone & Android Without Knowing?

There is no specific incognito tracking app. You can check someone's incognito history by installing a phone tracking app on their phone. We've selected the top three apps. These apps will help you view incognito history on any phone, whether an Android or an iPhone.

1. mSpy- The Easiest Way to Check Incognito History on Phone


mSpy is the leading phone tracking app in the market. It remotely tracks all activities on the internet whether in incognito mode or not. It can track every keystroke and online social activity without being detected. mSpy is available for Android and iOS devices with many advanced features:

  • It offers comprehensive tracking of search history, including searches in incognito mode.

  • You can access all the information through a single dashboard.

  • You can easily track location and read hidden chats and messages.

Pros: It monitors all activities, even those on social media. mSpy allows you to block unwanted websites, show bookmarked sites, and more. Check out this affiliate program for moms that mSpy provides.

2. Parentaler


Parentaler is another comprehensive parental control app. You can view incognito history and block inappropriate websites on the target phone remotely. It has an array of features to monitor all the activities without anyone knowing.

  • Track all search history on the target device.

  • Give you control of all the internet activities of the target device.

3. KidsGuard Pro


KidsGuard Pro is a prominent phone monitoring app in the digital world. It lets you view incognito history and other searches. KidsGuard Pro is also a trustworthy and reliable app. With this, you can:

  • Track the browsing history whether in incognito mode or not.

  • Track and trace all the keystrokes on the target device.

How to Enable Incognito Search on Different Devices

Most users switch to incognito mode because it doesn’t record search history. To keep searches private, every user of any digital device can turn on incognito mode by following the steps below for every device.

Enabling Incognito Search on the Computer

  • First, open your desired browser on the PC; let's say Google Chrome

  • Now, hit the three dots on the top right side of the browser window.

  • Finally, opt for “New Incognito Window.” That’s it.

Enabling Incognito Search on Android

  • Open your favorite browser on your Android device. Let’s go with Google Chrome.

  • Now, push the three dots on the top right side of the screen.

  • Finally, tap the “New Incognito Window” to open the incognito mode.

Enabling Incognito Search on iPhone

  • On your iPhone, open Google Chrome.

  • Click the three dots on the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Tap “New Incognito Tab.”


You can choose any of the above apps to view incognito history. These apps are best for tracking incognito search history and come with many advanced features. Among them, mSpy is the most advanced app, offering comprehensive tracking of incognito search history along with many other functionalities.

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