How Voice Search Trend is Changing SEO in 2019

How Voice Search Trend is Changing SEO in 2019

It’s clear that technology, coupled with the internet, has brought about numerous changes. One specific sector has been forced to adapt and move along with these changes, as the continuous advancement of technology and the internet shapes customer engagement.

The business sector, one of the industries that often drive the economy, can no longer dictate how it can reach its customers. The customers have a say, and in order for a business to remain viable, it has to adapt to what the internet and technology have brought about. One thing that customers are looking for is a convenience, which has been a key factor in numerous technological or digital advancements.

A recent study revealed that internet users prefer using voice search rather than typing out their query. Research shows that 50% of all online searches will be conducted through voice search. In 2018, there were at least one billion voice searches each month. For the most, a good number of Americans are quick to admit that voice searches have become a part of their daily routine. During our research, we got information that one of the growing salesforce consulting companies in India also admitted that their marketing team is also working on the voice search trend to keep their business ahead of their competitors.

This has, in turn, changed SEO in 2019. Below we take a look at how the voice search trend is changing SEO in 2019.

Notably, for businesses with an online presence to survive, keeping up to date with this trend is essential. This is where the importance of custom web development India agencies comes in, which we’ll touch on in the article.

Google Hummingbird Update

Admittedly, voice search is not a new concept. It began way back in 2010, but the trend started gaining popularity and promise after Google enabled voice search in June 2011. The concept of voice search significantly changed when Google updated the Hummingbird in the year 2013.

Google Hummingbird was built to focus on three factors: natural language, the intent of the user, and the context of the query. In other words, with this update, Google's voice is able to accommodate naturally structured questions that are often long. This ensures that the user can obtain relevant information.

Typed And Voice Searches Are Different

Types and voice searches normally function differently, and hence, also produce different results. In other words, a typed search will provide different information from a voice search. So if your website utilizes the traditional search method, you may be losing a number of customers.

By 2020, you’ll have lost half your customers. This is where the importance of Custom Website Development comes in. Custom Web Developers can customize your website to suit the specific preferences that your customers require.

Position Zero

According to an official Google statement made in 2016, more than 50% of internet users use their smartphones to do their searches. Since then, the numbers have increased significantly. Additionally, at least 71% of internet users would rather use voice search, as stated by PWC.

A business refusing to adapt to the preferences of the customers is likely to lose a lot of customers. Voice searches conducted on mobiles only produce the top results, which is referred to as position zero. This means that customers are very unlikely to look at the other options that come after the top ranking website.

In conclusion, there are a lot of factors such as featured snippets, long-tail keywords, and questions to consider when it comes to voice search. However, given the fact that it requires a considerable amount of work and knowledge, hiring is a better option. Developers that specialize in Custom Web Development are always that best option.

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  • Ricky Steven

    Voice search is much more convenient if you don't want to type

  • Nate Gomes

    I love to use my voice to watch my favourite movies on my phone

  • Philip McManus

    Google is continuously updating its algorithm, I wonder what's their next move

  • Nasser Javaid

    Even a mobile friendly website isn't enough

  • Tim Sheen

    Next time, Google will read thoughts from my brain

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