Is Your Mobile Plan Working for You? 3 Signs You May Need to Switch

Is Your Mobile Plan Working for You? 3 Signs You May Need to Switch

Daniel Hall 30/11/2022
Is Your Mobile Plan Working for You? 3 Signs You May Need to Switch

Knowing when you need to switch cell phone plans can feel a little daunting.

With so many options out there, it can seem like a safer bet to stick with what you got rather than try something new. If you have been wondering how to understand when it’s time to switch cell phone plans, here are three signs you shouldn’t ignore!

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1. Oh, Shoot Another Dropped Call!

The number one sign that you need to think about switching up your mobile plan is going to be the quality of your service. The bottom line is that your cell phone isn’t supposed to be a wifi only device. While a lot of cell phones do have the ability to utilize available wifi signals to boost their cellular signal, you should have access to a clear cellular signal. Some brands, such as Apple, actually capitalize on the wide availability of wifi connections and have created an entire ecosystem that can run entirely off of wifi. Between Apple devices thanks to iMessage and Facetime audio and video features, you can use a wifi signal to text, call, or video conference. 

While these features are very useful and have their advantages, a cell phone plan should provide you with a reliable signal for cellular use that doesn’t rely on wifi. If you find that you are constantly apologizing because you dropped a phone call, or didn’t receive a text message due to a lack of service, this should be your first sign that it's time to switch. Different cellular providers provide varying levels of signal strength to different parts of the country. Just because you may be dealing with a faulty signal, doesn’t mean you are locked into this inconvenience. Oftentimes, a better experience is simply found by just switching to a provider that has better service to your geographic location. 

Don’t ignore the dropped calls or the lost text messages, this could be the clearest sign that you need to make a change to your cell phone plan. 

2. Finances Matter - Pay Attention to Your Pocket Book

Finding a mobile plan that works for your pocketbook is paramount. Yes, cell phones are ubiquitous in modern society and it’s hard to imagine doing normal activities like navigation without them, but that doesn’t mean you are locked into financial distress. No, as much as a cell phone might be even necessary for your lifestyle or work, you should never have to pay too much. 

The truth is, there are a lot of options out there that can give you incredible service at a rate that is far less than the major carriers. Major carriers like AT&T or Verizon have incredibly high overheads that justify their premium prices. While you do typically get exceptional service, the price tag is going to be high. 

A service like Red Pocket that uses the towers of major carriers, but doesn’t pay for their upkeep, can actually afford to charge lower premiums for the same quality service. This can represent huge savings on plans that can be flexibly built to specifically serve the needs that you have. 

Finding the coverage you need, the service you want, at the price point that works for you isn’t impossible and it’s not out of the question. Don’t settle for a cell phone plan that pulls too much out of your pocketbook when you don’t have to!

3. Exceeding Limits

Another sign that you may need to switch up your cell phone plan is if you find that you are constantly running out of something! Whether it’s minutes, data, or text messages, if you find that you keep having to extend any of these or pay a premium over your regular rate, then take this as a sign. 

Sometimes it takes some trial and error to find out what kind of cell phone plan is best and this isn’t a bad thing. If you find that for a few months in a row you consistently go over your data, then consider bumping up your data, or switching to an unlimited plan. The same goes for talking and texting. 

Another question to ask yourself is if you are happy with the speed of your data? Yes, lower premiums can be given to limited high-speed packages, however, if the quality of life that you experience with your phone is impacted by slow data, that’s something to pay attention to. While you don’t want to break the bank or go out of your budget, the experience of using your cell phone should be a good one.

With cell phones being so integrated into society, it’s a device that you will use a significant amount throughout the day. Investing in that experience can have a positive impact on your day in a powerful way. 


Finding the right cell phone plan can seem daunting, but the good thing to remember is that you have the freedom to try out different things. Getting a cell phone that fits your budget, and has the data and connection speed you want isn’t impossible, and finding the right plan is well worth the effort.

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