Machine Learning and Human Resources

Machine Learning and Human Resources

Naveen Joshi 22/05/2018 5

The application of machine learning in the recruitment industry provides useful information to HR executives to shortlist ideal candidates, predict performance levels as well as improve organisational performances.

One of the core responsibilities for a recruiter is to bring in candidates that can add value to the organization and be a good investment for the company’s time and resources. With innovations in technology, HR executives are looking for different ways of hiring candidates. With HR firms leveraging different technologies, machine learning in recruitment can be the technology that assists recruitment agencies to come up with the best candidates.

Obstacles in the Recruitment Process

A major obstacle faced by recruiters is that they have too many contacts, but they cannot make a move to connecting with a candidate. Often when an HR executive interviews a potential candidate, they are expected to hire an individual in the shortest time possible. This method of hastened hiring leads to the HR executive hiring a candidate that is unworthy of the position. Another common problem faced by a recruitment company is that communicating minute details with candidates and wasting crucial time that can be used to contact other prospects.

Outdated hiring patterns are also equally responsible for a company’s failing recruitment team. With changing times, organizations need to keep track of how they can transform their hiring process. To transform their recruitment process, authorities can keep track of current market trends. With the availability of such information, organizations can then decide on how they want to tweak their hiring process to lure better candidates.

With the technological innovations evolving at a groundbreaking speed, authorities also need to keep up with how different technologies can add relevance to their organization's hiring process. When a company fails to adapt to the technological changes, its performance is bound to take a hit.


Machine Learning in Recruitment to Clear the Obstacles

Machine learning is a technology that is experiencing fourfold growth since the last few years, and as ML is expected to have a market share of 8.81 billion US dollars by 2022, industries are finding ways to leverage this technology. Machine learning has numerous applications among different sectors. Machine learning in recruitment holds the potential to transform the way current organizations hire their employees.

When an organization looks to hire employees, they have a pile of resumes which eventually lead to overwhelming their HR managers to sift through every resume in search of the perfect candidate. With machine learning in recruitment, you can feed an algorithm to the machine to select a candidate with matching requirements.

Apart from that, machine learning bots are also deployed by organizations to communicate with candidates that ease out their hiring process. With the availability of bots, organizations are relieved from the need to occupy an HR executive to communicate with a candidate directly.

Machine learning in recruitment holds the ability to change the way businesses hire. Machine learning algorithms can simplify the workload of an HR executive. Authorities should now look towards hiring candidates who can work with such a technology. They can also opt to train their current employees on working with this technology and finding the best candidate for their company.

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  • George Romios

    Understanding people and why they decide to stay at or leave a job is arguably one of the most important questions for HR to answer. Machine learning will enable to analyse all employees behaviour to attract and maintain more talents.

  • Maddie Gray

    Some companies put into place algorithms that can identify rogue employees before any criminal activity takes place

  • Franc Lelievre

    Machine learning platforms that can give calibrated guidance without human coaches save time and provide the opportunity for more people to grow in their careers and stay engaged.

  • Rose Barker

    This technology is not new but certainly gaining traction in the business world.

  • Mike Cunningham

    This will free up the HR staff to allocate more time and resources to all important human interactions and work on more strategic projects.

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