Machine Learning cares about your Customers

Machine Learning cares about your Customers

Naveen Joshi 27/06/2018 5

Most business owners care about their customers. They are genuinely concerned when it comes to replacing humans with machines. Machine learning (ML) aims to transform user experience by creating a strong bond between customers and technology.

Technology has changed our world altogether. Right from making our first cup of coffee in the morning to driving our cars for us, it is gradually taking care of all our daily needs. Right from suggesting what our next buy on Amazon should be to curating entertainment for us on Netflix, technology is shadowing us 24x7. And AI, or more specifically machine learning, is largely responsible for this massive upheaval.

AI is now moving to professional fields in full swing too. Since any organization is still alive thanks to its customers, leveraging ML to keep clients happy should be an obvious choice. ML transforms the user experience in unfathomable ways. Far away from the monotonous one-word conversations, chatbots can now analyze sentiments and answer accordingly.

ML focuses on finding hidden patterns, relationships, and the probabilities in data sets. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all generate a lot of data every second. For instance, social media platforms are one the richest sources for big data. ML analyzes such data and extracts meaningful information to learn from it.

Customer satisfaction is vital for any organization to stay relevant amidst their competitors. Retailers, however, can’t manually scan through each of their customer's feedbacks. But, now they have ML to take care of their customers. By analyzing data from various mediums, retailers get real-time insights on customers who have negative feedbacks for their brand. Wearable devices, for instance, act a source of customer data for retailers. With the use of processes like sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and predictive analytics, ML enables retailers to know their customer preferences better and offer them with a customized shopping experience. 

How Industries Make the Most out of ML

Retail, banking, tourism, healthcare, and many other industries are witnessing tremendous advancements with the implementation of ML. Gone are the days when you had to visit a travel agent to book a flight ticket or apply for a loan. Today, we have technology doing everything for you. Be it fraud detection or risk management, ML is taking up everything on its plate. The role of machine learning has gone way beyond chatbots now. The healthcare industry is seeing great progress with the adoption of ML in diagnosing diseases. Recently, doctors have been using ML to predict impairment after spinal injury. Then there is Disney, the entertainment conglomerate, which is using ML to reduce the waiting time for visitors to take a ride. The applications of ML is only growing in the pursuit of better customer experience and satisfaction.

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  • Alex Kelly

    ML is steadily moving away from abstractions and engaging more in business problems.

  • Gloria Judd

    I’ve always been impartial to machine learning, but you’ve got me thinking now…

  • Michael Nicolas

    Very insightful post. Thanks!

  • Lucas Gatpo

    We all are slowly moving towards this trends, This is the turning point of every single business.

  • Vivek Barsagadey

    Interesting read.

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