Revamping the Entertainment Industry with the Internet of Things

Revamping the Entertainment Industry with the Internet of Things

Naveen Joshi 03/09/2018 6

From tracking trends in customer preferences to providing players with highly immersive gaming experiences, the internet of things (IoT) is set to take over the entertainment industry.

The internet of things, with its ability to connect with and collect data from everyday objects, has brought in a wave of unprecedented change across every industry. The entertainment industry is no different and is undergoing massive changes in the way content is created and delivered to an audience. The expansion of the internet and the use of analytics and big data have brought creators and consumers closer to each other. IoT is set to make its mark on the future of entertainment by bringing content creators and the audience closer than ever before.

IoT and the Future of Entertainment

The entertainment industry has seen a lot of changes in the past decade, with rapid transition from scheduled television shows in the 2000s to a rapid growth in the number of video-on-demand services in recent years. Consumers are gaining more control over what they watch and when they do watch it, while creators and distributors are gaining more insight into what the audience needs. So, here’s how IoT will impact the entertainment sector:

Understanding Mainstream Trends

We all know how the use of big data is impacting the entertainment industry. Publishers and distributors, in the recent years, have been using analytics to plan the content they create in such a way so that it attracts a wider audience than before. A popular example of this is Netflix’s decision to acquire the rights to make a US version of House of Cards, a popular British TV show, based on the data collected through analytics. This move by Netflix has set a precedent for publishing companies to make decisions regarding what to make, whom to cast, whom to recommend the content, and how to advertise the content using big data. The introduction of IoT has made it possible for companies to collect exponentially large quantities of data.

Creating Immersive Content

Other than music, movies, and television series, interactive video games are among the most popular forms of entertainment. The traditional medium of gaming has been computers for a while now, which is slowly being replaced with mobiles and gaming consoles that make the gaming experience more interactive, and consequently more engaging. This has led to the development of specialized sensor-enabled gaming equipments, such as the Microsoft Kinect motion controller, which provides a more immersive gaming experience. IoT will make games more interactive by using more sensors and making gaming equipment smarter. By combining IoT and virtual or augmented reality, video games can provide users with complete immersion.

Executing Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising requires accurate user-data that can give advertisers a clear idea of what the audience likes. With the amount of data that a combination of IoT sensors can generate, advertisers and broadcasters can create highly focused marketing campaigns that are closely relevant to the target audience. This will help businesses reach only those customers who have the intent to buy, which leads to cost effectiveness and helps customers avoid irrelevant ads.

IoT is not just an upgrade over the existing internet that enhances information collection and sharing. IoT has the potential to be much more than that. By using sensors and actuators, IoT can provide users with highly adaptive and multisensory experiences that are infinitely more engaging than today’s entertainment; no wonder IoT can revolutionize the future of entertainment.

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  • Eric Tucker

    IoT has the ability to bring together smart devices, thus making them even smarter.

  • Rodolph Stanbury

    The Internet of things has managed to provide valuable content to users based on their interests.

  • Josh Warby

    More spending has been taking place on IoT in recent years than ever before.

  • Philip Stogden

    The world clearly seems to be moving towards relevant ads.

  • Antony Harford

    Entertainment companies can now rely on data from a wide variety of sensors in order to provide relevant ads to a specific user.

  • Tim Davidson

    While the entertainment industry certainly stands to benefit from these improvements, that will certainly be several hurdles along the way like legal issues.

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