Revolutionizing Waste Management with Blockchain

Revolutionizing Waste Management with Blockchain

Naveen Joshi 02/06/2020 7
Revolutionizing Waste Management with Blockchain

Implementation of blockchain-based waste management can enable governments to track and monitor waste right from its generation to its disposal.

The waste management process involves various steps like segregation, transportation, recycling, disposal, and analysis of waste data. Governments are not able to track these waste management steps. The reason being the volume and variety of these processes, and data associated with the generated waste is large. And, in addition to that, it requires different people to play their part throughout the waste management cycle, which makes tracking even more complicated. Having a single platform to track all waste management activities can help governments solve waste management issues. Blockchain can be that single decentralized platform. Blockchain-based waste management is helping trace waste from its production to disposal for a greener environment.

Real-Life Blockchain-Based Waste Management Applications

The decentralized system that makes blockchain so special is helping governments to monitor all the waste management activities, such as:

Rewarding Waste Segregation

Who won’t like being rewarded for performing their duties? Rewarding waste segregation is an initiative taken by many governments and private organizations to promote segregation at the household level. Recerreum is a blockchain platform that uses smart contracts to reward people based on the amount of waste they have segregated. It deploys waste bins with RFID tags and sensors. People can scan tags to create their accounts on the blockchain platform. Whenever a person throws segregated waste, the sensors in bins measure the quantity of waste. The data is uploaded on the blockchain platform, where smart contracts calculate the reward for waste segregation. It then auto-initiates transactions to send the reward amount to that person’s bank account.

Real-Time Waste Tracking

Blockchain allows real-time tracking of waste management. It helps to track the amount of waste collected, who collected it, and where it is being moved for recycling or disposal. Arep, a subsidiary of SNCF, is already using blockchain to track waste at railway stations. It uses blockchain to collect detailed information about all waste bins with the help of Bluetooth. Bluetooth enables continuous updates on the amount of waste present in bins. It also collects data like which waste managers emptied the bin and how it sent further for recycling and disposal. Such insights help to find out challenges faced while waste management and facilitate it within the railway stations.

Securing Data Transactions

There are many techniques to recycle or dispose of waste. Selecting the appropriate technique is based on the type of waste. For instance, plastic wastes can be recycled, and hazardous wastes can be disposed of in landfills. However, to select the best technique, waste management organizations need ample and accurate data about the waste they are collecting. But, data is sometimes compromised due to human errors. Blockchain can help eliminate human error and maintain the accuracy of data throughout the waste management process. After determining the amount and variety of waste, collectors can upload the data on the blockchain platform. Every individual involved in the waste management process can then view the data on the blockchain to make appropriate decisions.

With a blockchain-based waste management platform, governments can enable every individual to perform their duties towards their countries. Initiatives like paying tokens for segregating waste at the household level will encourage everyone to participate in the waste management movement. This will improve waste management right from its generation. And it will eventually lead to a more sustainable world.

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  • Lee Detrick

    Blockchain will help nations address the most pressing waste management issues.

  • Chris Saunders

    Waste has to be recycled to protect the planet

  • Shiona Turner

    Educate citizens first so they can understand blockchain and waste management. Thanks Naveen for this wonderful piece.

  • Michelle Comeau

    No time to waste. Save the planet.

  • Jack Garrett

    Companies are doing nothing for the environment.....

  • Owen Baker

    Thank you for spreading awareness

  • Juan Renato

    Let's clean the planet !

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