The Importance of Network Security

The Importance of Network Security

24/10/2019 4
The Importance of Network Security

Network security has long been a vital process in every organization to effectively ensure that no outside party can harm their network and resources in any way possible. As the industry moves forward, the way organizations monitor their networks has also evolved. Computers, tablets and mobile phones you have today come along with automatic software updates. As organizations become more connected and dependent on data, they become more vulnerable to threats that could severely damage their networks. Network security is important because:

Increase Productivity

What happens when your network is exposed to threats? Your organization will experience denial of service attacks to make your network, along with everything on it, inaccessible and trigger a downtime. Your organization's productivity rate will slow down with unauthorized use of your network's bandwidth. With the emergence of the cloud and the ever-growing community of users of the workplace as a means of information gathering add to the inevitable reality that threats become wiser with the latest technology.

Protect Sensitive Information

You organization's most trusted antivirus software and built-in hardware firewalls would no longer be enough to protect your network. Would you let someone infiltrate your network? Would you wait for your organization's data to be manipulated? Given the fact that an organization's productivity is highly dependent on data, would you let anything stop you from achieving your goals.

This age calls for future-proof, next generation and high performance network security products and solutions equipment. With intelligent physical security and preventive and corrective connectivity solutions, you are rest assured that the network operations will be taken care of 24/7. To begin the optimal protection of sensitive information and continuous organizational processes, you always have to make sure that your network security is always in tip-top condition and one step ahead of the game. Strengthen your network security with tried-and-tested next generation high performance network solutions. The optimal network security solution takes care of all your network security worries so you can focus more on innovating.

Combat Spread of Malware

Malware is a word that's top of mind for you if your IT strategy includes securing your network. If this wasn't already complex, it becomes all the more challenging if you add one more word to this: encryption. Detecting malware in encrypted traffic is a problem that many in the industry perceived to be unsolvable. Network security allows you to detect malware in encrypted traffic without decryption. Network experts have observed two key trends in the enterprise.

The first key trend is around the amount of encrypted traffic. As more businesses embark on their journey of digital transformation, a significant number of services and applications use encryption as the primary method of securing data in motion. Encryption technology has enabled much greater privacy and security for enterprises using the Internet to communicate and transact businesses online. Gartner predicts that over 80% of all web traffic will be encrypted by the year 2019.

Protect End-User Data

Unfortunately, encryption is a double-edged sword. While the legitimate users use encryption for all the right reasons, the threat actors are using this as a means to evade detection. And therein lies a second trend: the increase in the percentage of malware leveraging encryption to evade detection. A recent study showed about 41% of all attacks leveraging encryption to evade detection and Gartner predicts that over 50% of malware campaigns will leverage some form of encryption by the year 2019.

 So what is it that you need? You'll need an approach to identify malware in encrypted traffic without decryption. Why not decryption? Because decryption compromises on the privacy of the end user. You'll need to walk this fine line between security and privacy to solve the unsolvable and that is precisely what encrypted traffic analytics enables.

Bottom Line

Hackers and scammers are coming up with new ways to compromise you network every day. Investing in your network security will protect the integrity and performance pace of your company.

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  • Debbie Kuhn

    IT leaders can’t afford to externalise all their cybersecurity woes any longer.

  • Bianca Cummings

    I urge both individuals and businesses to shoulder their share of the burden when it comes to cyber security.

  • Rosemary Tenney

    By focusing on network security, problems go away and organisations can focus on the big challenges of the future

  • Alex Maximoff

    There are too many incidents causing too much harm.

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